Saturday, March 6, 2021

It's our birthday and we'll party if we want to...

 To start the birthday celebrations Pamela and I went and got matching tattoo's of wildflowers. We love going to the hill country for the wine and wildflowers. Mine started to bruise due to my old skin and the blood thinner I'm on. I did ask the doctor if it was okay to get one before doing it. Meant to get a good picture of them side by side.  Maybe next time we're together we can get one.

We just celebrated Pamela's birthday on 3/2. David and I took her to lunch at Tad's in S College Station. It was very tasty. I always look back at pictures of Pammy's youth. Love this girl to the moon and back. 


She has always been so full of energy and her heart is big. She's always been my sidekick and sometimes a partner in crime but she'll always be her daddies girl.


I started laughing when I ran across this picture of Pamela and her co-workers being silly in 2020. As they show the appropriate way to wear a mask.  NOT. LOL

Still dealing with my stupid knee but hopefully in time it will get better some how. Let me say that the Nerve block injections I got at the Pain Management doctors office did not feel like a pinch and slight burn as told when they started to slide the needle in.  It hurt like hell! I'm sure the folks in the waiting room could hear me. And to think I have to repeat the process again on the 10th. Not excited at all! I did get a bit of pain relief for 4-6 hours but holy bahgeezie it hurt.

We wished our fur baby a Happy 11th Birthday on 3/4. She is such a sweet fur baby and so loveable.

March 5th we celebrated me. I've made it to the age where I get to start Medicare and social security. That magic number. Yikes! 
I got this beautiful card from my very talented friend Margie. It's handmade by her. She makes hundreds of cards and her quilts are gorgeous. 

3/5 Friday night David took Pamela and I to a sweet Bistro in Cameron called Central Avenue Bistro. It's in an old house that they refurbished to it's former glory. The food is really good and so is the music if you go on Saturdays. We all ordered surf n Turf and it is a special occasion so we got dessert to share. A Chocolate tort  and an Apple Pecan cobbler with a scoop of ice cream. YUM
 The cobbler is our favorite.
I even curled my hair for a night out. 
It's been a great week!

That's it for now.

Until next blog....  A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip. ~Author Unknown



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!

terre said...

sounds like you have enjoyed some fun adventures lately! you are brave to get a tattoo. i have a few and actually need to add something to one of mine. its a 'grandma' tattoo and has all my grandkids initials on it. out of nowhere we got a #10 so she still needs to be added. glad you were celebrated. i am looking at the same birthday in the summer. waiting for medicare and all that. cheers!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carla, Happy Belated Birthdays to all of you. Isn't it wonderful to have a good relationship with your child. I know people who don't and find that so sad.Looks like you all had a good time. Love the tatoos. You are a brave lady, I think. Stay well..xxoJudy

Carla said...

Well Terre. Thanks again for stopping by but I still can't email you. Email me at
We had great birthday celebrations even if they were low key this year.  I got my first tattoo of a wine glass and later same year a vintage sewing machine with sunflowers when I was 63.  We wanted a matching tattoo of the wildflowers since we go to the hill country every year to enjoy them and the wine (now 65). LOL This one was in a more tender spot plus now I'm on blood thinners and older so it bruised. My tattooist was worried I'd be upset. I knew it would happen.  A grandma tattoo sounds nice. Those little babes sneak in sometimes. LOL I hate that blogger isn't providing the easy reply to my commenters comments.
Thanks for stopping my blog and leaving a comment.