Friday, January 6, 2017

Last Trip to Rockin K Farm for 2016

The Thursday after Christmas I went to Pamela's and we headed to the farm. David was already there.  Mom was suppose to come but she wasn't feeling well so she passed on the adventure this time. The pond is really looking great. Can't wait until it's totally full. Another 15 feet to go.
 This time the girls had fun at the farm. They were running everywhere and chasing each other. They might become farm doggies yet. Last time Sophie kept trying to find the sidewalk to the mini mansion. She wasn't impressed with all the grass but this time she didn't even care. Lilley's first time she wandered all around unlike her fur baby. She even barked at the Big cows in the next pasture. But this time was all about fun.

The wind was really strong as you can see by Lilley and Sophie's fur. LOL
I kept waiting for them to run into the pond but they stayed at least 2 feet away from the water.  I think some of that was because of the noise of the water slapping against the shore line.

As Pamela and I were walking up the hill from the pond to the mini mansion we saw this cloud formation. Pamela and I both pulled out the ole iPhone and took a picture. 
Pretty cool looking clouds.

Pamela and I took a ride down the road on the 4 wheeler and met some new friends.  The horse belongs to the people who used to own the property before us and ran the tree farm. Maybe next time we can take her a carrot or an apple. I told David to ask next time he talks to the original owner if that would be okay.  Then we got our sex education for the day. Just as Pamela snapped the picture the little calf got frisky. Whoa there!
The kid has become quite the photo buff. She snapped this picture of the sunset before we headed back to Rockin K. 

David and I had found some deer horns under the pecan tree a while back and I decided to wear them. Sorta.

These girls are ready to go home and get their dinner. Sitting still was not on their agenda today but I caught this one picture before we left with Pamela's help.   The girls had a big afternoon of running and playing.
By the time we got back to Pamela's, fed the girls and ourselves I was pooped and decided to stay the night and drive home the next morning. She loaned me some jammies and a comfy spot to lay my head. She had to work the next morning so I got up when she did so Lilley and I could head home bright and early.
When I put Lilley in the car she plopped down and within 10 minutes she was snoozing. She was one tired girl. 

My Christmas break was coming to an end. Ugh! I've enjoyed my time off but when I got home and I started taking down the tree and other decorations. Does anyone else hate taking it all down? It was fun putting it up but for some reason not so much when I have to take it down.
Happy New Year @ 12:10am 2017
Until next blog...Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best.


Linda said...

That was the BEST cloud pic!!
I still have a lot to take down when I get home too! But that will be next week!

Deb said...

Looks like a fun day!