Sunday, September 4, 2016

Quilt Done and 38 years

Okay so I've been teasing you with tiny pictures of a quilt I was working on but now I can show the whole quilt. It's complete and the recipient Hudson has already had he's first picture taken on it. 
Isn't Hudson just the cutest little guy you've seen today. It's hard to image his momma having a baby. She used to babysit my daughter back in the day. Rhonda took these photos and shared them on facebook. My daughter and I had been tantalizing her about what the quilt looked like and when she'd get for a couple of weeks so when I called to confirm her address she goes "are you mailing me a package?" LOL
I always put a label on my quilts to give credit where credit is due plus a little message to the recipient of some kind along with the date of the finish.
My friend Donna Marie was my Quilt hanger for the below pictures. Sorry I couldn't just pick one picture. 
 I found the pattern on Clover and Violet blog with a tutorial called pinwheel toss with a disappearing 9 patch. I made a fairly simply quilt more difficult than it had to be. Out of the 18 pinwheels only 5 of them went together right the first time. The other 13 I had to 'un-sew' them, a quilter's favorite thing to do. The cutting and twisting the 9 patch part was fine. I did have to be careful and not put the same fabrics where they would end up together. Rhonda had told me her idea for the nursery was geometric shapes and the colors back when she announced she was pregnant in October 2015 so I had grabbed my daughter when visiting in Bryan so she could help me pick out fabrics. She has a great eye for color. We we trying to figure out which fabric or fabrics to put as the backing when I saw the fabric with the fish on it and I knew immediately that was the backing. You see Rhonda's Dad was a big hunter and big fisher. His nickname was the Redfish King so the fish backing was perfect. Just a little way to add a piece of the Redfish King. Grandpa Ronnie passed in March 2015. We sure miss him.
I did tell Rhonda to not look real closely or she'll find my mistakes.
I fixed most of them I think but I there's at least one still there that I could fix so easily.
The quilting was done by my friend Donna Lynn from Donna's Lavender Nest. She even trimmed and squared up my quilt for me since she knows I have an issue doing it. Love her for that.

September 2 was mine and David's 38th wedding anniversary. That's a lot of wine drinking. LOL Of course we've had our ups and downs but somehow we've  manage to work through them and not kill each other even though I know at times he wanted to and vice versa. Just 
He came home the night before from work with this big bouquet of roses with yellow lily's. They are beautiful. They are all starting to open now.
We had decided earlier in July that this anniversary would be a stay at home kind of anniversary and we'd wait until cooler weather to head out to the hill country to meet up with some friends. 
So Friday we woke and decided to drive to New Ulm for well we were to late for breakfast so we stopped at the Texas Star Cafe in New Ulm for lunch. They even have live music on Friday evenings but we already have plans so we'll settle for lunch. I got a homemade jalapeno cheeseburger and David ordered the jalapeno chili cheese burger. Holy cow. I'm not sure he expected this. It wasn't just messy but there was no picking it up and eating it. He was full for the rest of the day. After that we stopped at a few antique stores and just drove thru the country side. 
We made a big circle and made a stop at the Rockin K that is still waiting for it's patio cover. It does have deck railing and the frame for the cover. The railing David said was to keep me from falling off. mmm I guess that's a possibility. The contractor said he'd be back hopefully next weekend to finish this and the covers off the barn. Geez I hope so. That will provide us lots of shade. It wasn't as hot this year as it as it has been in the past so it was nice sitting on the deck of the Mini Mansion with our "fema tarp" as shade. The big bulls in the pasture behind us are behind us are gone and now there are Momma cows. 
I tried to make friends but they weren't having any of that. 
The only wild life I saw was the grasshopper on the deck rail who probably wished I'd get out of his face. 
After hanging out at the Rockin K for a while we headed to Pamela's. She had a wedding in Ft. Worth so we agreed to babysit our fur grand baby. 
Sophie was all excited to see us and came willing with us but when we got her in the car I think she began to wonder if her Furless Mom was okay with this or were we kidnapping her.
Sophie's furry Mom Lilley was quite happy to see her when we got home. They went running around the house and then in the yard. They are so funny. They love to play together.

After we got them feed and settled we took off again and headed out for our anniversary dinner to the Texas Mesquite. We had an awesome dinner and drinks. It was an awesome day. Our waiter was funny and prompt. 

What shall we do for the rest of the weekend? Maybe nothing... mmmmmmm Stay tuned.
Until next blog....A marriage is like a quilt, it takes work but is worth it


Carla said...

It's just darling! is he ; ) One of my favourite colour combo's ever

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the quilt and that's one of my favorite colors. Such a cute baby! :)

donna said...

Love seeing your place. Love the name Rocking K. I can understand why David would want to put railing up for you. lol! Happy Belated Anniversary sweet friend. I am seeew looking forward to getting together with you next week.
Love ya,