Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy May Day

Thought this was cool watching the poppies blow in the wind. I kept trying to time it where no cars were coming but that didn't happen plus I meant to share this in my last post but forgot.

To possibly see the poppies swaying in the wind you'll need to open the blog link to get the mov to work.  
Well some much getting this posted in April or even getting more than one post in April.  Geez I'm slacking.
On the 16th we went to Main Street Crossing to see Wayne Hancock. We went with our friends Billy and Cheryl from Clear Lake. It was a fun night. Wayne Hancock music is called Juke Joint Swing and is compared to Hank Williams Senior. His music is the old timey Country swing. He and the band rocked the stage. 
Mother Nature must have been angry with Houston and the Cypress area. She dropped record amounts of rain on the area. Like up 17" in some areas. This picture was shared on facebook of a local restaurant about 7 miles from the house. Pamela goes "No Fair I still haven't got to go eat there"  I hope they get it cleaned up so she can eventually go. 
The CyFair School District was closed for the whole week because so many families were affected and we had several schools damaged by rain/flooding. It has been a mess. Our grounds are saturated.

About 18 miles from the house the bridge going to my mom's  was washed out.  Not sure of the status as of today.  I guess I better find out before next Saturday when we want to get together for an early Mother's Day Breakfast.
After the rains and flooding receded David and I jumped up the Grand Parkway and headed to Old Town Spring to Puffabelly's to see Thomas Michael Riley and Davin James. These two were in rare form. It happens. It was a great evening.

Last Saturday David woke me up saying let's run up to the farm and to our friends Ross and Sheryl's place which is  about an hour further up the road from the Rockin K to see what they have going now that they have their building plans.

So I suggested we take Lilley and drop her off and Pamela's to play with Sophie and see if maybe Pamela would like to ride along. 
And that's what we did. It was a beautiful day. 
Pamela had never been to the Ross and Sheryl's. Sheryl was surprised when she climbed out of the car.  
We spent a good hour or more there checking out their floor plans and where they plan on building and just catching up.

Thursday night I spent the evening with this group of lovely ladies discussing our latest book The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman @ Teotihuacan Mexican Cafe. This meeting had been canceled because of a death of one of our members/dear friend of many years and then because of the flooding but we finally got together and discussed a book that everyone really liked. What was interesting about this meeting was we had a special guest a white dove. 
My question in my book club blog was..... Was it a sign or just a coincidence? Who knows but one of the ladies came back and said it was Cindy our departed friend visiting. 
The bird wasn't afraid and it wasn't begging for food. She just hung around watching. The waiters said it was the first time they'd ever seen her. sooo
I finished the binding on my Great Nephew's quilt.. Yippee! I went out and took some pictures of it today so tomorrow or Tuesday I hope to get it in the mail so by my next post I should be able to post the pictures. And now I'm back to working on my other unfinished projects and another baby quilt for a baby boy that made it's appearance recently.

Until next Blog...   Take a Deep Break. I Calms the mind.


KaHolly said...

Houston DID take quite a hit! We were lucky in New Braunfels with that last storm front. It kept splitting down the middle right over us, so we escaped the major flooding. Then I left. I think it's been raining ever since! How weird, having that white dove join you like that. Perhaps it was Cindy. One never knows, and I don't think we ever really will! Sorry about the loss of your friend. XO

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

So sorry about the floods in your area. Here we celebrate May with Lillies of the valley, not poppies.

Linda said...

I thought about you with all that flooding! Dallas got it last year and this year it was Houston! I guess next year will be San Antonio's turn!!