Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's definitely spring in Texas

It's definitely spring in Texas. Everything is blooming. 
David said some of the bluebonnets are blooming he planted last fall at the farm but the clover is so high you could hardly see them. Hopefully they'll seed and we can plant more this fall and just maybe next year we'll have bunches of bluebonnets. 
It's a start anyway

While at the farm David completed the  hand rails and rebuilt the bottom step and he's now happy.  Looks great. Can't wait to go back and hang out on the deck. Maybe with a glass of wine this time. mmmm

Well this is not a very flattering picture but my nephew in Missouri thought it necessary to capture my reaction to my first shot of Fire Ball. No more words are needed.  

Last week 
while home during the day Pamela walked outside on her Patio and found this big orange cat sleeping on the cushion of her patio bench and Sophie paid the cat no attention. Pamela snapped these pictures and sent them to me. The cat just raised it's head like 'oh someones home. oh well' and went back to sleep. LOL
The 2nd day the cat was back. This time Sophie noticed her. She kinda grrr'd a little then went off to explore the yard and the cat went back to napping.
Sophie went to get groomed and got her picture taken and was ready for Mardi gra
I need to find a weekend to take Lilley back to this groomer. She did a great job and for a good price.

Things are blooming nicely at home too. I forget what type of
yellow rose this is but it's beautiful. It and another bush was growing in a flower pot and David decided to put in the flower bed along the side fence it's got big ole blooms on it.....

Saturday the 19th I have a baby shower then I head up to Pamela's house to babysit little Sophie for the night while Pamela hangs in Ft Worth for the night. I'm taking Lilley with me and David is gonna meet us at Pamela's for the night after spending the night before and day at the farm. Then on Sunday he and Lilley will come home and I'll head off for my quilt retreat. 

Yep It's quilt retreat time. I have several quilts to work on. I'll be happy to complete at least 1 maybe 2. I'll be taking one with me to hand off to Donna of Donna's Lavender Nest for sure. Just have to complete the borders.  YAY! It will be nice if I send her home with another one or two to quilt.  My project list is never ending and it actual seems to grow. But lets hope I'll get to cross off a couple after retreat is over. We'll see.

Well I was suppose to finish this blog and have it post while I was gone but that didn't happen so here it is now. I scheduled it to delay post but forgot to hit publish. Oops. I'm back from retreat now but have to go finish the taxes but right after that I'll be sure to blog about the quilt retreat fun and all the awesome quilts that were created while there. Stay tuned.

Until next blog...“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”  - Christopher Columbus


Anonymous said...

I hope you are proud of all your accomplishments! Glad Sophie has a friend :). Thanks for the great photos too Carla.

Handywoman said...

You are such a busy lady and it looks like everything is coming together for you. Love all the flower shots and of course your little pooch too!
See you soon I hope,

Carla said...

Can't respond directly to the commenter Anonymous directly since there's no name or email but thank you for reading and the compliments