Monday, March 14, 2016

Celebration come on

At the hospital Pamela was treated to her own special day for her birthday. Glad her co-workers made her feel special! She even received plenty of flowers from family members.
The Kasinger Clan from Missouri called and sang to her.
Life is good. Yeah I know the daughter got another year older and then I did too. The birthdays just keep getting better and better. I'm blessed with great family, friends and co-workers and it makes me smile.
A couple of Thursdays ago I came to work and found my cubicle all decorated up and breakfast food galore on the table just waiting to be devoured.
My boss had donuts, tacos, fruit and kolaches waiting. It was so yummy and for dessert she had ice cream with sprinkles and syrup.
The girls made it difficult to get in. Well unless you plan on doing the limbo.
I have the greatest co-workers
That Friday I took off and spent the day with my daughter. We took the day to go shopping at Kendra Scott. For your birthday they'll give you 50% off a piece of jewelry of your choice. Pamela got a pair of earrings and I got a blue lapis necklace. Our plan was to run over to City Center and make our purchase then head back to our side of side to our favorite tea room the Whistle Stop in Tomball but we were both really hungry and made snap decision to eat at the Yard House there in City Centre before going to Kendra Scott. If you've never been there to eat you ought to try it sometime. 
After lunch and our Kendra Scott fix we went to buy some snacks for the next day's event at Painting with a Twist in the Woodlands.

Didn't want to have a birthday party but wanted to do something and what better way...Have a painting party where Pam and I could invite friends to join us if they like for a couple of hours of painting with a twist(wine) and laughter. We decided to have it at the Painting with a Twist in the Woodlands so it would be easier for my Mom to attend. And to be nice Pamela let me pick the painting since it was actually my birthday the day of the painting event.
So here's what I picked. That looks easy right? NOT Yikes!! After we got there I realized I may have screwed up and picked a rather hard one to paint but it looks so cool. Now if you've never been this is not a paint by number type thing nor were there any lines drawn on the canvas for us to just fill in and blend. Oh no! We had to pretend we knew what we were doing. LOL
 Our teacher was Jenny and she did a great job of teaching us how to almost duplicate the picture to the left. I said almost. Some were better at it than others. Of course the wine might of helped some of us think we were Picasso's. Here's some of the pictures frome the day.
Pamela and her friend Heather
Michelle (god child) and Pamela
Michelle, Gigi (the mom) and Joanie 
Me, My mom Ev and Pamela
The work Gang Cassie, Donna, Ashley, Me, Samara and Nancy

The Fab Four - Sheryl, Kathy, Gigi, Me
Phi Mu Sorority Sisters
Samara and Pamela

Kristina and Pamela
Kristina  Me and her momma Annette

Kathy   Barbara  and Me
                The Whole Painting with a Twist Gang.
 Had so much fun. Can't thank these girls enough for coming out and sharing this day with us. And I guess I should have put "No Gifts" .
 Silly girls gotta love them. There seems to be a common theme among those gifts. LOL What are they trying to say??  mmmm
After it was over Pamela and I drove my Mom home and then we we to pick David up so we could go out for our birthday dinner.
While sitting at the restaurant my phone rings and it Emily and Jerri Lynn singing Happy Birthday. They sing good. David took us to Carrabba's Italian Grill for drinks and yummy dinner. We got a pitcher of yummy Blackberry sangria. Sooo Good.

My little sister made sure the restaurant knew it was my birthday so our waiter made sure we got a huge complimentary piece of tiramisu. We were so full when we left there. I thought we'd pop.

One more piece of the celebration doesn't happen until April and that's when Pamela and I go on our 3rd annual Mom n Daughter trip to the Hill Country.
Until next Blog....Here’s to hoping all of your birthday wishes will come true once you blow out those candles. Everyone deserves happiness in the world. Thanks for letting me share our with you and helping me and Pamela celebrate.

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Handywoman said...

That looks like fun...I'd have loved to go to this one with you! You did a great job!