Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hard Work and Fun

Nice break from the 4- 10's. Only had to work 8 hrs a day the week of the 4th of July because of the holiday. But it's started all over again on Monday.
Last Monday me and some of the girls from work met up at Los Cucos on 290. The usually suspects Ashley and baby girl Aria, Samara and tonight Cassie joined us along with her hubby Tim. Monday and Tuesdays are $2 margaritas all day. Couldn't pass it up. We drank responsibly honest and had a light dinner.

On Wednesday 
evening David and I headed out to Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring to see Davin James and his guest artist Thomas Michael Riley. They were in rare form tonight. Laughing, Singing and playing guitar. We missed TMR's festival in Luchenbach this year because we were shoulder deep in boxes. LOL. We were in Bryan helping Pamela move into her new house. Maybe next year.
Thursday evening David and I hit Sam's for some burgers, dogs and beer.Prepping for a small gathering of friends from his work and mine. Oh and Pamela invited a couple of her friends out. Friday I had to go to the store for some smaller items we couldn't get at Sam's. It was packed but only on certain aisles. I had stopped on this one aisle trying to figure out what I wanted but as I was trying to get out of the way I noticed out of the corner of my eye this grocery basket coming straight at my basket but thought nothing of it I mean they'll stop, right? Nope he didn't. The guy slammed his cart into mine.. I thought really, What the Hell!? So I looked up but not really looking at the guy because I'm still thinking "Was that really necessary" then I did a double take. It was a guy I worked from Heritage Bag Company over 20 years ago. Couldn't believe it. His wife started laughing when I did the double take. Thanks Joe and Michelle Slaughter for making my day at the grocery store.
Silly Man mowing the grass in the rain. He was determined to get the yard mowed before the 4th of July. Out of nowhere it started pouring down rain. Made the job a lot cooler.
Within an hour the sun was back but tolerable sorta. David worked hard on the yard all day.
You know having a small or big get together is hard work. David worked his butt off getting the patio cleaned up and setting up tables, chairs and icing down some cold drinks Saturday morning. Might have been a few beers in one cooler. My wine was in the fridge. I think a good time was had by all that was able to come out. 
 David provided plenty of fireworks.
 Those boxes are full. 
Great fireworks show!

Thanks to Pamela's friend's husbands Josh and Ryan they helped David carry out, set up and light everything. Thanks guys.
I can't thank everyone enough that brought something. We had more than enough food, Thanks Ashley and Nancy for helping pick up the kitchen.
Barbara if you're reading folks were wondering where you were. It was a Happy 4th of July. Which I might mention was my nephew Zachariah's birthday. He's a real firecracker. Here I go again I was so busy then tired I never took any pictures of my own but my daughter Pamela did and Ashley took some of her daughter. Wish I had gotten pictures of the other folks and their kids that were there. Must be old age.
Little Miss Aria.
   I think this rocket is one that had tiny parachutes attached to every star blast that rained down on us and the house. The ends were still hot.  

 Aww Pamela's childhood friend Marlaina has a baby bump. By the time the girls hit middle school they were inseparable. So glad they have continued their friendship.
That baby bump is a boy. Names are still in the air.

So happy for her and her hubby Josh. 

 Pamela and Dad.
When the last box of fireworks went off and then stopped we thought the show was over then almost 2 minutes later out comes more pretty fireworks. Then it was over unless you count the box going up in flames about 30 minutes later while we all circled up  talking and laughing. 
 Kristina  Marlaina and Pamela.

Pamela met Kristina thru Marlaina and Josh.

Kristina and her husband Ryan have now become good friends with Pamela

They're a great bunch and so funny.

 What a great weekend 
Now before I close out I need to mention a new blogger friend who reached out to me. 
Meet Heather Von St James.
She has a special event coming up called All or Nothing on July 26th.  Heather says "I'm raising awareness about my story to encourage people to really live their lives in the moment and make the most of each and every day."
You see Heather is a 10 year mesothelioma cancer survivor and is now called a poster child. Her goal is to inspire and encourage victims. Mesothelioma is an asbestos disease. Just 3 months after giving birth to her beautiful daughter she got her diagnosis. She never worked with asbestos but her father did she contracted the disease 2nd hand. She has quite the story. She is a survivor in the true sense of the word. She lives life to its fullest and that's what she wants you, me, everyone to do on July 26. How you do it is up to you but do it. It could be anything. All you have to do is google her name and she's every where, Facebook, blog, articles etc... Check her story out and her Event 

Until next post.....The trouble is if you don’t spend your life yourself, other people spend it for you. ~Peter Shaffer


Linda said...

You guys always throw the BEST parties!!! Love keeping up with you from afar!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great post, thank you for taking us a long on a great homespun 4th of July!


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Hi Cara, looks like quite the celebration. New baby, fireworks and of course you sharing Heather's story.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Wow, Carla, you and your friends and family never lack for excitement. Beautiful pics of fireworks, I bet the kids just loved it..Happy Wednesday..Judy