Monday, April 28, 2014

Kennedy Wildlife Refuge...hard at work

Good news - Bad News.... Went to the doctor and got another good report except... Yep there's always an except isn't there?  Lost 4 pounds, Blood sugar levels still normal, cholesterol in check, kidney check... but I have near to nothing for vitamin D or good cholesterol.  But Good news is the Doc says drink some red wine. What did I hear you right drink red wine? Doc says red wine will increase the good cholesterol. I guess the bottles David and I drank a couple of weeks ago wasn't enough. LOL. I'll do better.

I came home the other night and sat down out on the patio to just enjoy the weather before going inside. I'm sitting there talking on the phone to my mom and something moved off to my left. It was one of Bugsy's offspring. Of the 4 little bunnies we found in our yard last year one bunny has stuck around and I named him Bugsy. He has been living in our flower beds.  Well a couple of weeks ago we found 4 little bunnies hopping in our flower beds so apparently Bugsy has a family now. 
Also remember the barn swallows that made a home on David's speaker on the patio well he never quite got around to taking it down until ... oops too late.
They're back....

And they brought friends. What we didn't realize until this weekend was the friends built a nest behind the other speaker. What a mess. 
After the eggs hatch and birdies fly off David will be removing the speakers and installing speakers in the ceiling of the patio cover. 

During our Fredericksburg - Luckenbach trip in the Pioneer Museum we saw a good use of wine bottles. This made me think of y'all Linda C. and Brenda W. ;o)
I'm not sure why but it did. LOL

And while shopping we bought a bird house. This one is actually going outside and not inside.
We'll have to wait and see what moves in to our Aggie birdhouse.
I want to see if we buy a bluebird house if we'll actually get some bluebirds.

Last two weekends we have hibernated at home. 
Me getting sick the day we came back from Luckenbach really set me back and David was just tired. So we just hung out at home with our little old man - Dexter.
He enjoyed having us home and took several naps.

hmmm Maybe he had the right idea.

Until next Blog post....Keep smiling it makes people wonder what you're thinking about.


Anonymous said...

I'll help you drink some red wine Carla.. not a problem!

Anonymous said...

I'll help with the red wine if I must, Carla! I really don't mind helping out a friend with her Vit D

Art and Sand said...

Yes, we need to watch and learn from dogs. They love unconditionally and show their emotions (those tails are dead giveaways) and they take lots of time to relax.

Linda said...
I have wine bottles stuck in the ground around our gazebo. It's a bit harder to get them as deep as I wanted but maybe if I soak the ground first - that might help!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. Glad you are feeling better and got good dr. report. More red wine, huh? Sounds like a good dose of medicine. That little Dexter is so sweet..Happy Thursday..Judy