Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guess What?!!

 Can you believe it, it's really done!   
The 4th car bay of the garage expansion is finished and ready for David to put all his Big Boy Toys in. The garage is totally his domain  They do need to come back and finish cleaning the brick on the back of the garage to get all the mortar residue off. Looks like they got the top half done but the bottom half still has a film of mortar.. But construction is really done now. Well they have to come back and put the gate up on the fenced area but that's a quick fix.
We had a fence erected just off the patio to put the trash cans behind and we had an extra 10x14 concrete pad poured instead of just a step to hold David's smoker and whatever else. Like chairs and a small table to sit in the sun on the cooler days. Maybe we can get a table with an umbrella for warmer times.  In the picture above they had the gate off so they could pour the 10x14 pad.

 And taa- dah the patio is complete. We have fans and lights now. At night it looks like an airport runway lite up. We are clear for take off. LOL.  Two fans on the patio and two on the porch and lots of lights.

Last Wednesday my friend Cynthia came out to visit and we sat on the patio for an hour just rocking, talking and watching the birds before we came inside to sew. I spent almost 30 minutes to an hour every morning while off work last week then again in the evening. It's awesome. I usually have a puppy in my lap. Dexter loves being outside and in my lap as I rock and read. LOL

We now have 4 rockers. Pam was very upset there was only 2 rockers when she came home at spring break. Poor baby had to sit in a regular chair from the table a couple of times but she jumped in the rocker a couple of times if one was available.  

Now we have enough rockers even for a guest or two.

Notice a theme?

See the star on the base of the chair on the right.

Notice the star in the center back of the new style rocker here on the left.

The Texas rustic look with stars has taken over even outside.

Okay me and blogger are not one again today. Tried to post and it moved a paragraph down to the bottom and then when I came back to edit it removed everything I had written past this point. GRRRRR

Try again.

I walked around the lake to stand on the bridge and take a full picture of the back of the house.
Looks pretty good if I say so myself.

My personal “Yard Crasher” meaning David (he’s Ahmed Hassan’s stunt double on HGTV. LOL)  can’t wait to start working on the flower beds.
David moved the form boards from the yard that had been laying there since February to clean up the yard. Had to! Found a couple of slithering friends (snakes) under them. YIKES!!

We moved the Big Blue flower pots that we had to where we think will be their permanent resting spot to help hide the small trail we have and the septic tank area and frame the window. We testing the idea out anyway.
I want David to take it slow and easy on the landscaping so he can enjoy our new outdoor space and home but I’m not sure that’s gonna happen. He's not very patient. Imagine.

I found this idea on Pinterest. David said he saw someone on Craigslist selling wagon wheels. He liked this idea too so we might try this somewhere in our yard. I can think of 2 bare walls that a wagon wheel and Blackeyed Susans would look great on. If you'd like to see more pictures from John Dreyer click HERE.  
He has all kinds of pictures.

Something else we'd like to add to the back yard is a fire pit and I found a simple fire pit idea on pinterest which is kinda what we had in mind.

David had built this really STURDY trellis at the old house that we grew a couple of red passion vines on well I'd like to see him build another one so we have have passion vines here too.

Now I have to laugh because didn't I just say I wanted him to go slow and I keep coming up with ideas for him to incorporate in the yard.

Now if we could have a little dry weather again for a while longer the contractors
would tear out the pitted up driveway and pour a pretty wider one and the much needed sidewalk up front.
It will be soooo nice to have it all completed. This picture doesn't show all the potholes but they are there! I usually step in one every time I get out of my car if I park in the driveway.
The blue pipes you see will be under the concrete so we can run electricity for lighting and/or water for soaker hoses and a sprinkler system one day. David thinks of everything.

Oh and guess what?! I got to celebrate my birthday one more time. LOL I just had to get another day of celebration in there. My friend and neighbor from the old neighborhood took me to lunch. We met up at Celaya’s off 1960 on Perry. Very tasty… 

Until next blog...'I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life.'

~Maya Angelou~



Linda Chapman said...

It all looks AMAZING!! But that's to be expected from you guys!!

Kuki... said...

What a lovely home you have on an equally lovely setting...GORGEOUS!!!! Keep the photos and updates coming!

sgw123 said...

Looks great! One day I'll see it in person! And it looks like I need to bring my fishing pole too.

Anonymous said...

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