Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Blog Anniversary to Me.

3rd times the charm
I never imagined that I could actually keep it going but here I am today still posting. Thanks to those of you who read and follow my blog I hope to continue this writing experience. Just when I start to question my abilities to write entertain or share I get that one compliment that says I enjoy or love your blog and figure okay let’s try another one and see what happens. So Happy 1 Year Blog Anniversary to Me.                                                                                    
Out of curiosity does your blog ever move your paragraphs around when you hit post. This is the 3rd time it's done that to me. Very frustrating! Then I have to pull my post and re-do......

Now on to other topics.
ê   I surprised myself and made my first flying geese block. Or is it goose since it’s only one block? LOL. I managed to cut one okay eight of the blocks a 1/2" short. Damn so back to the cutting board. It wasn’t pretty at first but by George I believe I did it. Oh well one thing at a time right?
Does it look too bad?
      I’m not sure how pretty it is but I’m learning.
     Now I can incorporate flying geese into other quilts that I want to make. Sorry this topic is short this time but at least I’m sewing again. As I start sewing more there will be more to write and show & tell pictures. Now if I could just get back into a reading mode. I have a couple of books I need to finish rather quickly.

      Now for a renovation update. Still waiting for them the caulk and paint the ceiling of the patio cover and porch so we can finish the lighting and fans but they have started the pergola.  You can almost tell what it's gonna look like.


ê  The garage now has windows, the back wall has been bricked and Wednesday when I
      came home they had installed the garage door. I didn't get that picture because the garage door was already open this morning. Eventually they’ll cut the pass through from the main garage into the new section. And paint. Starting to come together.

I guess I must wait patiently for driveway and sidewalks. I had hope to take better pictures when I got home today but the lighting wasn't any better than this mornings pictures here.

We go from drought to rain. We've been getting just enough rain to bring the lake up to over 100% capacity and now our yards tend to look like a lake. Obviously the ducks are confused and gathered in our yard. More of their friends continued to join them.

   One Last thing I wanted to share. It's just something I thought cute when I went to my Sunday EQ Bee at Quilter's Crossing in Tomball.

As I was leaving and passed the shop front entrance I noticed it had a visitor.  (The shop was closed hence no colorful quilts on the porch like usual.)
Kitty looked like that Mervyn's commerical where the woman is pressed up against the doors saying "open open open". I think Kitty is a stray that the shop owner took pitty on and started feeding it outside the shop.

Either way I thought this was so cute.


  I don't know, is it just me or does it look like Kitty is telling me 'Don't take my picture woman just let me in'!
     Sorry Kitt your not allowed in the shop.  
I don't think he cares


Until next Blog....
Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” ~Albert Einstein~


Bobbidink Designs said...

Her name is Violet and yes we feed her. She likes to watch us through the window all day long but she is feral and won't let us pet her.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Carla,
Thank you so much for visiting me, it's a pleasure meeting you! WOW your patio cover and pergola are going to look amazing when its done. How fun to be designing your outside hard scape. I have not tried the flying geese square yet I think yours turned out great.
I have become your newest follower.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Orangies Attic said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Do you look at the preview before you post? I find that helps... it never looks the same as it does when I'm creating the post. Have fun at the rodeo!

The Ishum Family said...

How fun! Your blog shares a birthday with our kids. February 23rd is an awesome date! :) Happy anniversary!

Looks like you are doing some major things around your house. It is going to look so nice when everything is done.

Thanks for stopping by our site!