Monday, August 29, 2011

Rain and

Finally got some much needed rain Wednesday nite. It rained hard and for almost 2 hours instead of only 15 minutes. Could have done without the high winds and lightning but it was so nice to see the wet stuff falling from the sky. Of course the electricity went out for about an hour and half, which normally I would say no big deal but being out in the country that also means no well water and no septic. uh-oh! Not so bad this time but what if we have a hurricane and we're without electricity for 12 days like at the other house. mmmm. David says he wants to invest in a big generator once we finally close on the other house. Speaking of the other house... The offer we picked out of the 3 offers we got originally couldn't close the deal. We finally cut them loose and said adios'. We already have a new contract and things seem to be progressing well. Hopefully it won't fall apart this time. These buyers seem to be very nice, let's just hope they can close the deal.

Thursday night Pamela and I had a mother-daughter night and went to the movies. We went to see "The Help" We loved the book and while the movie made some slight changes it was a great movie.  Our favorite character has to be Minnie. I may start avoiding chocolate pie from now on.
Pamela went back to school Friday for the orientation.  Pamela's class had to present and help with the orientation for the new student nurses this fall. Pamela's class told the new students what to expect, the do's and the don'ts, gave words of encouragement and what the past year has meant to them personally. This is
Pamela's last year of nursing school.  She and the other class officers created these retractable name badge holders with bling. They handed them out to the new student nurses but are making more to sell so they can raise money for their pinning ceremony in May 2012.

She bought me one already for my badge.

We moved her into Pamela back to school to her new apartment Saturday with her new roommates. One of the 3 roommates is in nursing school with her.  

It's was a mere 107. Houston got to 109. I am so over moving!! 

Boy! It was quiet around the house last nite. David and I already miss her. Pamela always laughs at me because I always get teary eyed as we say goodbye until her next trip home. It's not like I won't talk to her on the phone. And the fact that she's only a little over an hour away but I just can't help myself.

On the home front we do have internet now if we walk upstairs to the gameroom where I have my laptop connected to the modem but who's had time. The gameroom is the only room we can get a full strength signal on the modem. I worked on trying to get our router set up yesterday for almost 3 hours so we could have wireless internet but never could get the router to complete the set up. Grrrrr.
On a good note I finally found my keyboard and mouse for my desk top that I guess I'll have to haul upstairs so I can if that will allow the router to complete the set up. I guess the wireless signal from laptop is somehow messing with the router identification signal. Who knows. All I can do is try.

I will be sew happy when I can sit in my sewing room/office and do something besides unpack boxes. I'm actually going to Quilting Bee tonight. The girls probably forgot what I look like. I haven't told them that I'm bringing my camera. LOL. They've been free of me and my camera for almost 3 months.  
I haven't found all my sewing supplies but I did unpack a box of denim jeans that I stuffed in a bag along with my ruler and rotary cutter, threw them in my car and I will cut them up into squares for future projects. Squares will take up much less room than the jeans themselves.

Until next blog....
"The fact is always obvious much too late, but the most singular difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is a solid and joy is a liquid."
.•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. Be Happy ✿ .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.  
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Linda Chapman said...

OH!! What a great post! Glad things are moving along in the right direction for you guys! And aren'y YOU the clever one??? How in the world did you do those moving things around? You know, the flashy camera and such??? You are a force to be reckoned with! Have a wonderful week! the new background, too!