Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Another Fire Hazard!!

Slowly but surely we are getting settled into the new place. Again we avoided yet another fire hazard. My new LG dryer that we had to convert from natural gas to propane was not drying the clothes even after setting the temp to high and choosing the setting very dry. David called the repair guy we have liked to use but he wasn’t much help. He told David that there wasn’t anything more he could do that maybe the vent was clogged up.

Okay now my mind immediately started thinking about a snake being curled up in our vent. Why would I think that…. Because my new neighbor across the street came over and told us not to be alarmed if we hear gun shot. WHAT?  Neighbor tells me that the armadillos are tearing up his yard and proceeds to tell me about the copperhead snake he found in his dryer vent a while back. Okay I’m moving back to the city.Not really. Once I saw where our vent was I felt certain no snake could slither up the side of our house, under and over the eave to the roof. Or at least I hope not.  

So my favorite handy man, the hubby climbs the ladder and slowly  slides up the roof to the vent. I want to close my eyes but can’t. It looks like a bird nest possibly from my spot on the ground and David confirms. So he begins to tug and pull bits and pieces out till he can’t get anything more out so now he decides to go into the attic and try from there….  Holy COW it’s not a small bird nest it’s a pterodactyl nest.
Once he finished that sweaty job he came into the laundry room with a vent cleaner and cleaned from the wall up. Lint had stacked up enough to fill a kitchen garbage bag. It was trapped because of the bird nest. Another Fire just waiting to happen. All I could think and ask “What other fire hazards are lurking in the house” but right now we can’t think of any and we truly hope we’re in good shape. Lo and Behold the dryer worked like a charm. Hallelujah! It took 4 hours of  David’s time and sweat. I'm really lucky to have a smart and handy man. There's not much he can't fix or do.

Now on a couple cute notes. Dexter our sheltie is getting used to the new place but still follows us around like we might leave him. The other morning when I got out of bed he crawled up in my spot and went back to sleep. As I tried to make the bed he woke up and looked at me like “Lady you’re disturbing me”

David realized that he may be rough and tough but the idea of trying to mow what grass is still living on the 1.31 acre with the push mower probably wasn’t such a good idea. Took him something like 4 hours and 4 tanks of gas and he still didn't finish it completely in one attempt. He made himself sick when he did it the first time. I can’t imagine how that could happen in the cool 102-105 temps we’ve been having for the last 20 days. So he bought a used riding mower. Isn’t he cute? 
It’s not red but it’s not green either so maybe my dad won't give him too bad of a time.
According to my 4 yr old nephew Josiah tells me green tractors are bad except for maybe the one he has that does wheely’s.  My nephew Josiah learned about red and green tractors from his grandpa who only likes red tractors.

Anyway as David drove by in the back yard all I saw flying was dust and no grass.

While he mowed we could see the possibilities of rain…oh oh ....nope just a teaser didn’t make to our house.

The only clear area
I have emptied all boxes in the master bedroom, den, kitchen and dining and only a few items laying on the dresser, floor or counter tops now. I hope to complete those tasks and move on to the guest room, laundry room and sewing room. YIKES!
You can hardly move in my sewing room.
So many boxes. Not much better in the guest room.  I did manage to get a couple of boxes emptied and put away in both the guest room and the sewing room. Starting setting up my computer but I can't find my keyboard or mouse yet. Terrific. I'm a little overwhelmed.

No pictures will be hung until boxes are emptied and things put away. Then we’ll decide where to hang pictures.

We’re almost into the 21st Century. We have running water, working washer and dryer. The microwave has been repaired and put to use and yesterday I was able to connect to the internet. Still have to hook up the router so we can be wireless unless we want to leave a computer connected up in the gameroom.....Upstairs.....Nay I don't think so.

All in all Life is good and I love the peace and quiet out here. I think Pamela even likes it a little. She wasn't keen on moving at all but she's coming along. Dexter is even getting braver now when he goes outside and snoops around the yard. All kinds of new smells and sites for him to check out like the armadillo that had been in the yard. Pam saw it as she drove off to work one morning.
There's no fence so we have to watch Dexter but he's slowed down in his old age and he don't move too far or fast. 

Until next time...........  "Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you're gonna get" Forrest Gump 
   .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•. Be Happy ✿ .•*¨`*•. .•*¨`*•.  
……………… .... •.Carla.•´…………............…

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Linda Chapman said...

YAY!!! Glad to read this post and hear (and see per pics) how you are coming along!