Friday, February 25, 2011

Books and More Books….They’re everywhere

Even as a small kid I always enjoyed reading. I’d go to the local library every summer and join the reading contest. You know where they would give you a picture of a clown holding a handful of balloons. Then every time you finished reading a book they’d put a sticker on a balloon. I think I got a book mark or candy for every 20 books I read. Life was so easy then. My reading waned some as I got older and you were assigned books to read for school. In 1997 I joined a book club formed by a fellow co-worker at the time.  Twelve of us still remain of the original 20. Being in a book club gets you to read a book you would never have necessarily picked up to read on your own. Almost 99% of the books our group have picked I’ve really enjoyed. When I’m not reading a book for the club I pull one out of my book closet. Yes I said book closet.
It’s stacked high and 3-4 deep. I have acquired books from strangers, family, friends, and bought some on my own. I’ll go in to buy 1 book and come out with at least 3. I even worked part-time at a neighborhood bookstore for a 1 ½ years and I acquired many books from there.
David will look in the closet and ask where did they all came from and why don’t I get rid of some of them. I have to explain to him these are the books waiting to be read. Now I do share books I've read sometimes with friends, my mom but generally I take them to the book store to trade and get more books.  Then there's the books I keep after reading. Like the book case below in our Family Room. I share some of the shelf with David for his landscaping and gardening books. I also add pictures and what-nots. Makes it hell to dust.

Now I’ve added Quilting books, scrapbooks, and magazines to the stash I keep. The book case below is in my sewing/craft room.
Yep my name is Carla and I’m a Bookaholic.

Could be worse things right? "Like say sitting on the couch drinking beer getting drunk and watching TV" Barbara Terry….  
Reading is a cheap vacation without ever leaving your couch.

Until next time………….. Happy Reading or whatever makes you happy!
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Carla.·´¨¨))-:¦:-         -:¦:- ((¸¸.· -:¦:-


sandra_windham said...

I had a whole room that looked like that, but I finally had to bite the bullet & get rid of all of them. I kept one bookshelf full. Not easy!

Carla said...

A whole room. Okay so I don't feel so bad.

Linda Chapman said...

My name is Linda and I am a bookaholic.
My house burned in 1983 and I had two library walls from floor to ceiling. The house was gutted by fire. After that experience I try to read and release my books. I do have two stacks sitting on the floor ready to read as I write. I try to tell myself they are 'room decorations'.....