Monday, June 17, 2024

What's Happening? Visits, family, Wine, Friends and Family

I was in Bryan running errands with Pamela and as we pulled in her driveway we saw these little guys coming down the sidewalk. They weren't that close to the pond that was located at the back of the subdivision. LOL. Obviously they walked to walk around the neighborhood
I had to share this sweet picture. My sister Jerri Lynn and her daughter Emily started taking a mother daughter trip a couple years ago to the beach to create everlasting memories. Well this year they added the little cutie, my great niece in the middle, Whitney Rose. She has decided she likes the beach too..  I just realized this little darling will be turning 1 in less than 60 days. Where has the time gone.  Three Generations.

And while sharing I'll share a picture of my great nephew and niece from Houston. Patrick and Penny Kay. A couple more cuties. My niece Jessica shared this picture with me recently.
All the Bluebonnets and the Indian paintbrushes are long gone now but  the Indian Blankets and the Black eyed Susans are out in abundance along the roads and in the pastures. They're so pretty but apparently not tasty to the cows and donkey. The don't eat them.
One of our last cool evenings in May we sat out on the front porch and had happy hour. Pam made sure when she bought my sippy cup that everyone knew I had a friend named Pam. LOL And I just realized David was drinking out of my Aggie Mom glass. We need to get him one that says Aggie Dad.  We haven't been out on the porch with the heat, flies and mosquitos. Well he sits out there for a bit every morning while Bruno and Sadie have their breakfast and if I'm up I'll sit out there too. Mornings aren't too bad yet.
On Friday (5/31) I met up with my friend and quilter Donna Lynn to have lunch and hand off two quilts and a couple other projects that I needed quilted. We met in Sealy at a place called Wolf Pack Bar & Grill. We shared the catfish plate. Pretty tasty and perfect portion for us to share. After eating we went around the corner to the quilt store called the Wooden Spool.  Go figure! Us going to a quilt store. LOL
The weather was acting like it was going to storm again so after getting our fabric fix and talking with the shop owner we headed our separate directions. Since I had to go through Bellville I decided to stop at the quilt shop there that I had been told about called The Quilting Post. Small but cute shop and the owner Debbie is super nice. I got to talking with her and she mentioned she used to own a shop in Conroe and I'm thinking wait a minute I know this woman and that shop. LOL She used to own Quilter's Quarters on 105 in Conroe. I used to go there when I'd visit my Mom. We had a great talk about the shop, quilt retreats, of course quilts and fabric. It was a fun day.
The Twins played some T-Ball and Pamela sent me their pictures from the end of season. Braxton is on the left and Killian on the right. They're so cute and full of energy.  Do you remember having as much energy as a 4 year old? Not sure I do. LOL

A new restaurant in Calvert opened up so David and I had a date night and went to eat. It's called 1868 Landmark. I had a crawfish pasta dish and David had I think chicken fried steak. So I don't have a picture of the food to share but I'd be willing to go back and try something else. They're brand new and working out the menu and cooks but it's worth another try. After dinner we went down the block to En Gedi Winery and had a glass of wine. It was a great date night.
It was time for Bee with the Sassy Stitchers on Monday June 3rd. Everyone works on their own projects but a majority of the girls were working their wonky star blocks. Whoever participates has to make 20 blocks. I went ahead and threw my name into the mix and now 
I'm working on wonky star blocks. Everyone is making a different color with white being the common color. You make 10 with the white being the background and 10 with your color choice as the background.  This is my color. A couple other girls are doing something with black so I thought this would coordinate because most went with a bright or medium color.  Here's some examples of what others are doing.

When everyone has their 20 completed we'll do a swap.  Should make for an interest quilt top.
Brenda is working on this panel top. I love how she did her border and when I saw her last week she found another matching fabric to add another border to make the top bigger. That took a lot of piecimg to make the border she's got done so far.
On Wednesday (6/5) David goes let's go grab a bit of lunch and off we went to Dales Essenhaus in Wahlberg.
I got to get my favorite chicken and dumplings. From there we stop at an antique store but walked out empty handed and money still in our pocket. Coming home we stopped to get a picture of David in front of Bud Adams Ranch sign. Yes Bud Adams, former co-founder of the Houston Oilers. He eventually moved the league moved to the Tennessee  to become the Tennessee Titians. And that's when we got the Houston Texans. David had been telling his buddies in Houston about finding the ranch so a picture was required.  I think got the facts right.
 Oh and I did finish both baby quilt tops and got them to the quilter that I mentioned in my last post. I now have them back and getting ready to put the binding on so Pamela can get them to the intended recipients. Once she does that I can post pictures of them.
Well that's it for this post.  
Until next post...Behind every quilter is a huge pile of fabric

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