Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Blog catch up

Started this blog and never posted until now.
Lilley says getting groomed is hard work so she says it's time to take a nap when we get home.  She's such a pretty girl. She the queen doggie. LOL
We're gonna go to Pammy's the next day July 22nd to hang out and I forget what else.
Pamela's landscape is still looking really great. She need a couple of new plants that didn't make it over the summer but it still looks nice.

She wanted me to check out the Peach Creek Winery with her so who am I to say no.  I see the small sign for it all the time but there's never time to stop so today we shall go check it out. The first thing I see is this swing set. I've seen it on pinterest and had told David I wanted one for the farm.  
In the middle is a fire pit. Can't you just imagine you and friends or family relaxing on it around a fire. I can.  That day it felt like we were on fire it was so hot out but I had to go sit on it.
Of course we sampled the wine. Look at all those grapes. They even had a gazebo next to a pond that you could sit and drink. Too hot today but there was a couple of love birds out there kissing.
From here we went to another winery called Perrine Winery in College Station. I mean who knew College Station had 3 wineries. lol
You build them Pamela and I will be there eventually.  The inside was nice and the wine was good too. They're located in warehouse house sitting and right next door was a brewery called New Republic and there was a Rios Distillery but it was closed.  We stopped at the brewery so Pamela could sample the beer. I refrained I'll try it next time because I know there will be a next time. They'll even allow your furry friend if on a leash of course. Pretty eventful day.
The following weekend (7/29) Pamela came home to go with me to my sorority annual luncheon. The Phi Mu Annual Salsa Luncheon benefiting the Children's Miracle Network and Texas Children's hospital at the Cadillac Bar and  Grill. We have a live and silent auction to raise money for our cause. Our sorority was recognized as one of the largest sorority contributors. I can't remember the exact recognition.
Sheryl and I always have fun when we go to this. We know at least once a year we get to hang out only she didn't know she'd be seeing later that afternoon to share her birthday. Her husband Ross made sure Pamela, David and I were invite over to their son's to celebrate like one of the family. 
Sheryl has a total of 5 sons.  There's only one little girl in this family. A niece. Anyway she finally has and is getting daughters. The two on the right have little boys so the boy trend continues.
She tends to think of Pamela as the daughter she never had before these young ladies came along. Well she still claims Pamela
Here's Sheryl with a few of our Phi Mu sisters 
JoNell Ault, Sheryl Harper, Linda Leavens and council woman Melissa Noriega
I bid on a few things on the silent auction and won a basket with a cookbook, some seasonings, wooden spoons, tea towel and a green roaster pot. Haven't used it yet. 
After the luncheon Pamela and I ran home to take care of the dogs and giving Sheryl and the girls time to get back to the their house. We surprised Sheryl when we showed up. Pamela and I brought Sheryl a gift we knew she'd A girl after our own heart.
While there Pamela got to get baby cuddles with Tanner. Richard (long time friend) and his wife Abby's 2nd baby boy

Being a postpartum nurse she has the love for babies. 
We had a great time at the Harper household and appreciated being considered part of the family.
I love my crazy office family. The newest thing is everyone wants a computer riser for their desktop. If you get tired of sitting you can stand up and do your computer work.
I caught Leonard off guard when I snapped this one.  My boss Kim hollers at me to come look at her new riser desk top. I didn't realized she had got one..... So when I walk into her office I die laughing. Too funny. Only my boss. Hey they couldn't argue with the cost. LOL
I'm sure others will follow her trendsetting idea. Maybe.
Well that's it for now.  
Until next blog... If you want to be happy, be”~ Leo Tolstoy


Linda said...

I always love catching up with you!!! Y'all are so much fun!

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Gorgeous Collie!!!