Sunday, May 28, 2017

Oh Whata Night and more

I started this blog 3 weeks ago but prepping the house to put on the market in a few short days from now is lots of work. Especially since there were things I neglected. David has been working like a mad man making the house and landscaping look awesome. 
So I guess I try to recap the month of May in one post. 
Tuesday (5/2) night David and other co-workers, along with their significant others were invited to join Nexon/Amercable to a nice dinner and drinks at B&B Butchers and Restaurant. Nexon is a vendor for David's company and they were in town for the OTC. This place was amazing. The dinner and open bar were on Nexon. It was wonderful and we had the best time. 
We got there early so us and the couple who rode with us ordered drinks at the bar since the upstairs wasn't open yet. I got a Washington Mule while David, Larry and Sylvia got Derby Day Mules. Main difference is mine was made with vodka and theirs was made with bourbon.  
Check out the butchers window.... Wow. On their Dinner time special menu You could get a 28 day dry aged A5 Japanese Wagyu Ribeye 12 oz steak for only $250.  Holy cow! Literally.
Once the upstairs was open we got drinks at the bar there. My drink choice for the night was White Russians. Mmmm so good. Everyone was socializing and the waiters kept bringing us another drink. Whoa.  I lost count after 4 or 5. Glad I wasn't driving back to the other side of town. Finally they started bringing around some appetizers. 
Like Mini Beef Wellington with truffle aioli, Mini Crab cakes drizzled with remoulade, truffle chicken stuffed in a wanton cone, sliced mozzarella, roma tomato with basil, olive oil and prosciutto, 
along with little skewers of meat with a spicy seasoning.
 Everything was so good. My friend Sylvia loved the truffle chicken cones. I'm not sure which was my favorite they were all soooo good.

When it was time to sit down for dinner there wasn't a table to hold the group of 6 of us. So we chose to sit outside on the patio. The manager and the the Big Guy from the Nexon company was worried that service wouldn't be up to par but we were fine.
 Our waiter Cliff was the best. We had food and drinks with very little wait.
He made sure our glasses weren't empty and we were happy. I think we were plenty happy. LOL

Here was our choices for each course. 
I had the crab salad, rib eye and carrot cake. We all have sauteed mushrooms and macaroni and cheese. We had left overs! So much food and drink.
It was such a fun evening. Just a couple pics.

I haven't learned yet.. I should take pictures when drinking.  This is my friend Melissa.

And if you need cookies made for a special occasion you need to look her up. She makes the cutest cookies. Her company is called Sperry's Cookie Company. Click on the name and it'll take you to her site. 
She makes every design possible. No kidding.
Then on Wednesday we went to Puffabelly's for Davin's Showcase
guest artist in Spring to listen to Tommy Alverson. No alcohol that night for me. Had plenty the night before. Davin was there but wasn't up to playing yet. I guess not, after quadruple heart surgery. 
It was good listening to music at Puff's. It had been a while.

Followed by a quiet weekend of picking up, packing, and making a good will box. We are in the process of preparing to put the house on the market and preparing for that eventual retirement to the Rockin K. That is if we really find a builder and decide what we want.

Joe, Mom, Pamela and David
Hope all Momma's of furless and furry babies had a good Mother's Day. I did. 

This is one of the best pictures of us in a long time.

Three Generations
I didn't get a picture of me, David and Pamela together. David said we could take more pictures later at Lowe's so I did. He's in his element.  
Pamela showing me what a great plant her Dad was picking out to spruce up the landscaping at the house.  David bought me a plant to put in my little red truck planter.  It's got solar headlights. They came on a little early that night....
The rest of the month has been all about the house. Today I finished wiping down all the cabinets in the kitchen. That was a chore. I have a lot of cabinets but it's done now. 
I just need to pick up a few items in Pamela's old room where my desk is now and tackle my sewing room. Say a prayer for me. LOL.
Actually it looks deceit right now but I still need to finish the closet and maybe pack a few other things.
Work has been really really busy.  It's the end of the year and it's a mad rush for new equipment and ordering equipment for the 4 new schools we'll open this fall. YIKES! Then poor Samara lost her work station. LOL. See that's what happens when you go to lunch....  Actually she was working at a couple of tables but they're getting ready to install her a cubical. She's officially a part of our work group again. YAY
And I still need to finish a quilt for Joe's great grand-daughter and Pamela's t-shirt quilt. 
And most of all I need to finish my border for my round robin.
This is the medallion I'm working on now.  It already has 3 borders on it now. The medallion belongs to Margie. She's the one who convinced us to do this Round Robin thing. Each of us has learned a lot but each of us are intimidated to work on Margie's medallion. We don't want to disappoint her. She's really good at this and we're just learning.... Wish me luck.
We did make a quick trip by the farm to check on some trees David planted after going to visit with a possible builder. There was still some wild flowers popping up.

Well that's it for now. I'll try to do better next month.  
Until then....“Imagine” ~ John Lennon

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Good luck on your packing and moving. That is hard work! Love the flowers at the farm. BTW I love doggy kisses too!!! :)