Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fun Times

About a week and half ago I went to book club meeting and the hostess said the theme was the 50's @ the Shamrock Hotel.  The reason was because of the book she chose that we just read. It was called 
"The After Party" by Anton Disclafani. It was about the River Oaks socialites in the 50's. 
It was fun to read and recognize several of the landmarks that were mentioned. At least 2 of the girls dressed the part with their dresses, hats and gloves. 
I got the best picture of Gaye dressed for an evening at the Shamrock Hotel in the 50's.
Fun evening with great friends and great food. Most of us girls in the club have been together 20 years this year.

Saturday the 22nd our subdivision had a community garage sale. I have to laugh because apparently there's only 3 folks in our community that had a garage sale.  Maybe next year we'll have more notice and more people will participate. I threw a few things together and so did David. We got rid of a couple of outdoor rockers, flower pots and misc other items. We did make some money but what didn't sale went into boxes and straight into the back of my car to drop off at Goodwill. I wasn't taking anything back in the house.. After we closed down I found and David remember so items we could have stuck out there.  Oh well maybe we'll have another one before we move. 
We rearranged the rockers we kept and set a bench out there that matches. Looks more cohesive now. We sat down to relax before going inside and Lilley was free to roam again. Instead she jumped up on the bench next to David and went right to sleep. Garage sales are tough work. LOL

I walked out into the yard to capture a picture of our Cinco de Mayo roses. They are looking great. No smell but they look great.

Enough relaxing we had to get cleaned up and go to a Crawfish party. Yum Yum

The family had invited us for the last couple of years and something has always come up and we could make so finally this year we made it. The picture of the huge crawfish is the only picture I took while there but I should have taken a picture of how they had the potatoes, corn and mushrooms served. 
You walked up and grabbed a tray of crawfish and the sides were in what looked like row boats.
The potatoes were in one, Corn was in one and the mushrooms in another. Pretty nifty. Bad me for not taking a picture..

You could break off the some of the claws and it came out with lots of meat on it but these mud bugs were huge and so were the claws.The bugs were tasty but could have used a tad more spices for my liking but yeah who am I to complain. I think the mushrooms absorbed all the spices. There were good!
Oh and I can't forget to mention the drinks. The guys were drinking beer but their wives were drinking something that looked like chocolate milk shakes so I asked what they were drinking.  They were having Mud Slides with at least a shot of Malibu. OMG those were good too.
The mud bugs were finished and the party was winding down so David invited his co-workers and their wives out to the house. It was still early so back to the house we went and they got to meet Lilley. 

She was the star of the evening. Adrienne was trying to take a selfie with Lilley only Lilley wasn't overly cooperative

Next morning I got up and headed up to Pamela's get her pup Sophie. Pamela had a conference in Dallas so David and I were gonna babysit the Grand-dog. 
 By about Wednesday Sophie was missing her Mommy and kept looking out the window for her.
 Poor darlin.  But it's okay she was having fun with her furry Mom Lilley. 

This Saturday the 29th I headed out to see my Mom. I haven't able to see her in about 2 months but I do talk with her almost every evening even if it's only a few minutes. Check out the hazy look in these pictures. To look at it you'd think it was foggy or raining but it was a dust storm. Big time. It was cloudy but the haze is from all the dirt from the construction. 

I took Mom and Joe out to eat for Joe's birthday. Now the place had one table with about 10-12 folks at it and there were 2-3 other tables with 2-3 people at them and now us. AND ONLY ONE WAITRESS.  Really you got to be kidding. That little gal was running back and forth and all around. I think she was the only one working period. We waited almost 15 minutes before she got our drink orders and gave us a menu, then we waited another 15-20 for her take our order.  I notice that after all this has passed no one has food yet around us. I think the cook must have taken a break. It was almost an hour and half before we got our food. It was like all the food started coming out at the same time. It was good but really. We should have walked out after an hour but there wasn't much of anywhere else to eat in Plantersville. We were at the Relay Station Restaurant. Sorry but I don't think I'll be going back there again. My plan was to take them to eat and then go over to a quilt show at St Mary's Church but by the time we finish the last walk thru was about to begin. Oh and I had to almost 30 minutes for them to bring the check and another 15 to bring back my card. Not a good experience. I was gonna take a couple of pictures of all of us after this but unfortunately something got under my Mom's dentures and cut her gum really bad. She was in pain and had to remove the lower denture so pictures were out of the question or she would have shot me.

Today Sunday April 30th
We headed to the farm. Primarily we were going up to water some new trees David had up there and deliver the picnic table he built.
And we were going to drop of Sophie on our way home.
It was windy as hell but a beautiful day all the same. 
We dropped off the Sophie and gave her hugs good-bye and told her furless Mom would be home in about an hour. 

Home Sweet Home. Now it's time for bed to start another work week. Yippee.

Until next blog post...I’ll save a spot for you on the hood of my truck.” ~
 Laura MillerMy Butterfly
Okay so maybe I'll save you a spot on the porch.  Have great week everyone.

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