Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mom's Birthday

David left last Friday afternoon to head up to the farm to mow, hang cabinets, work on marking all the sprinkler heads/valves, run a line for the city water to the barn and maybe try to water. Some of that was easier to type than it was done. He did mow a path down to the pond and around but spent most of his day marking the sprinkler and valves so we wouldn't run over them when we mowed.  He got the cabinet hung in the barn he bought but when he went to put the connection on the city water valve connection he didn't have the right supplies. Great. Shopping field trip. With all the rain we had in May and June we he only made one trip to the farm during that time. He was shocked on Friday at how brown everything was. It's been so HOT in July that the crepe myrtles at the front entrance looked fried as did some of the other plants. WOW. That's not good.
David toughed it out Friday night by staying in the barn on a cot with a fan blowing on him. We convinced him to come to Pamela's house Saturday night.
I went to Pamela's on Friday with Lilley and stayed the night. I had no desire to sleep with nature in the heat at the farm. Yes I'm a whimp and I admit it.

Saturday was my Mom's 80th birthday. A birthday get together that almost didn't happen but finally got the details worked out. Joe and Mom came to Pamela's new house and showed up 30 minutes early. Pamela gave them the grand tour and then we were off to Lunch. We had lunch at Fish Daddy's there in College Station. This picture looked better on my phone but the sun was so bright coming through those windows it kinda messed with quality
 After lunch Pamela and I took Mom and Joe to the farm for the first time. . A day of firsts.
We celebrated Mom's birthday and a late father's day for Joe.
It was a great day.  Joe texted me again later to say Thanks for the great day
The pond was really low and the cattails keep growing and so does this viney stuff into the pond. In fact it has separated a section of the pond from the rest.  There's  big catfish on both sides of the viney stuff. And some perch too. I want to say we counted 10 on the one side and 7 catfish on the other side.
It was way to Hot that day..but Mom enjoyed the feeding of the catfish.
These pictures were taken by Pamela since I left my camera at her house.
And you can see how tall every thing is since we haven't been up there much. It was getting late so I figured we better head back to Pamela's house for cake and ice cream before Mom and Joe needed to head back to Montgomery while poor David stayed at the farm to continue working on things. He had figured out how to get the irrigation to have pressure and work of which he found many of them leaking. We must have hit some of them already when mowing prior.
David did make me a make shift potty for up there until we find a cabin or trailer. I share a picture next time. He built a nice box, cut a hole and put a toilet seat on it and a bucket inside. Alright so now I don't have to drive 5 miles down the road. YAY

I can't wait until we can live there full time.

David showed up at Pamela's house at 10pm Saturday and got a goods night sleep. He got up Sunday and headed back to the farm. He decided to stay there until Monday but I had to go home Sunday evening and so I could go to work on Monday.

So ends the weekend.

Until next post.....Live every day as if it were your last, because one of these days, you’ll be right… unknown


Art and Sand said...

I love that picture of your pond.

We are going to Texas in November. Steve is joining in a Art Paint Out in Austin. I am so excited that I will finally get to see Fredricksburg.

KaHolly said...

Happy belated birthday to your mom. Hard to believe after all that rain things would dry up like that, but that's Tx!