Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On the Go

I tell ya I've been a busy bee. Not in the creating sense but just on the go.
Back on Wednesday the 27th of February I went to Pokeno with the girls I used to work with at Watkins MS. We only meet once a month and we always have to catch up to see how every ones kids are and whats new. The hostess feeds us and then the games begin. I guess one day I need to take a picture of the gang. I'm sure our friend Cheryl P. in Missouri would like to see how we're all holding up. I wasn't a winner that night. Pokeno is like Bingo but played with a deck of cards. I have about 4 lines short of one card.

Then Thursday nite I headed to Book Club. We read a book called Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams with his zoologist friend Mark Carwardine.  

They traveled around the world to document animals that are becoming extinct. 
They only made people aware they themselves didn't form a plan to save the animal. 
It wasn't an easy task since they were met with opposition from most of the countries. The countries feared being exploited and destroyed. I was hesitate to read since that's not the kind of book I cared to read but Douglas Adams used his humor to make the book easy to read. Take a chance and read for yourself. Everyone present enjoyed the book. Our hostess was Gaye. She's in the front.

After a long week at work and my two events I was exhausted and fell asleep by 9ish. But that was a good thing since I got up Saturday and headed to the Tri County Quilt Show where I took pictures all day long. Another exhausting but very awesome day and show. 

Now I was very determined to win the bird house that my friend Janet won but oh no not with my luck.... 

Nope but Bankie our previous
guild president did.  I don't think she was very excited do you? Lucky duck. 

Then there was the Raffle quilt that I really would have liked to win but again Lady Luck wasn't on my side but it was on Charmaine's. She couldn't believe when they called her name. She's sew cute.

Here she is with her Raffle Quilt that she'll be finding a place 
for in her home.

There were plenty of vendors to shop and lots of quilts to see at the show and LOTS of people.

Here's a few pictures of other quilts from the show.
 Row of Seasons. Look at the bunnies. Aren't they cute?

This was a self portrait of the quilter.

Do you see the resemblance?
 And check out this quilt by Pam Barman. I couldn't catch the sparkle but it sparkled.

If you'd like to see all the pictures from the show click HERE

Came home exhausted. We went out to eat and I was in bed by 8:30. 
Got up on Sunday the 2nd ate breakfast and did some things around the house. Around 3 we headed up to Bryan to take Pamela out to an early dinner  and celebrate with her for her birthday. She was so excited when David gave her a very special birthday gift! 
Oh yes nothing but the best for his daughter......................................

Not sure what you're looking at?
Well he bought her an ice scrapper. We were expecting more ice and possible snow by Tuesday. LOL
This is a good place to stop for this post.  But there will be more celebrating so stay tuned.

Until Next Blog.... Enjoy your day


Betty said...

Great pictures Carla. Was a great show. SO, where did he find an ice scraper in HOUSTON? LOL

Handywoman said...

So funny about the ice scraper...I needed one too! luckily I had a plastic putty knife! Did the trick pretty well.
I'm going to have to use your pictures of Bankie and the birdhouse. I missed it...never got to see the look on her face. So exciting. My only regret is.............I DIDN'T WIN THE RAFFLE QUILT :(. But I am very happy another quilter (one of my favorites) did win! Great post as always. :)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wow - you have had a busy time - it all looks wonderful. Too bad you didn't win one of the prizes - they look wonderful.