Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Beautiful Weekend

Well since the last post I've been slightly under the weather but not really. Doesn't make sense huh? Well the doctor has been trying new medications trying to get my blood pressure to come back down and trying to get my glucose back in control and the medications are making me feel funky until everything levels out and we find the right combo I'm kinda blah at times. Right now I'm good. It's been a beautiful weekend even with all the rain we had Saturday.

Let me back up to last weekend. Pamela came home for a visit and was hoping our new fence would be up well 90% of the fence was done but the fencing and gate section across the driveway from the garage to the house was missing. Why is it everything we tend to contract to have done is never done in the promised time frame. I guess luck. Not.
We were able to at least have the dogs semi contained without a leash.

Sophie was happy to run without a leash and chase a ball.

Dexter took up a position next to the flower pot where there was shade. Unfortunately I still had a leash attached to him just in case he got the urge to trot off down the driveway or where ever.

David came out to play some ball with Sophie.

Sophie always brings the ball back but sometimes she's reluctant to release but she does.

 I guess we finally got lucky and because before Pamela went back to home last Monday they came and installed the last section of fencing.

The Puppies can be Free. LOL  Well Dexter will be and Sophie can run free when she comes back to Tomball for another visit.

Love our new fence and gates. The section on the patio has the big star on the gate and smaller stars across the top.
This gate is to the back towards the lake.

Now on the patio we have some angry birds. David found where the swallows were building a next behind the speaker and removed it. Well this little song bird and 2 of her friends (Pamela said it was a Mom, a Dad and the x-lover. oh brother) were not at all happy. They were swishing and dipping across the patio and just a squawking. They'd swoop in just inches from our heads or face.

I think our friend here is a Tree Swallow. Most of the pictures I found were more blue but I finally found one that looks like my pictures here.

I tried to get a better picture today but as I was trying to zoom in she zoomed down right into my face and talked the whole time.

This cracks me up. The first time I saw this sign I thought "WHAT!" And I had to turn around and go back and see if I read it right. Yep I read it right.

Well of course they weren't selling their kids. Not the human kind anyway. But the sign still cracks me up.
As you can see they sell Sheep, Goats and the Kids.

Friday night I sat on the patio with a tall drink waiting for David to get home from work. It was a beautiful evening.
So what are the odds that Saturday When I was ready to do the same the weather would look like this. I think David said we got 2 1/2 inches. Maybe a little more.
We needed the rain really bad so it was welcomed.

Today was another beautiful day and I did step out 2-3 times and sit on the patio to enjoy the weather and visit with David while he worked on some projects.

So another weekend has come to an end and it's back to work.

Until next blog......Garden variety, everyday passion is the stuff of excellence. ~Tom Peters & Nancy Austin



Handywoman said...

I hope they get your meds right soon and Love Love the fence.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I enjoyed reading this post. I love the fence, so vintage and classic and pretty, and the star is perfect. I'm glad they finished it. Now you have your own "angry birds" right? (That is a popular game called that my grandkids play on computers).
I wanted to thank you for visiting and leaving the wonderful comment. Your poor momma, and poor you for having to suffer right along with her. I know, even though its not us we feel the pain too. I'm so glad she is back to normal and back to being momma.
My mom is going home on the 8th, we just found out yesterday. She is still having periods of confusion but physically improving. Yesterday, since I was there for the staffing meeting at noon, I stayed and ate lunch with her and visited for an hour afterward. Usually I eat supper with her and stay till she is in bed since she gets more confused at night. So yesterday I decided to just stay a couple hours in the middle of the day and have supper with my family for once. also we had our first warm weather day of the year and I wanted to get out in the garden and just get some things done without having to stop to clean up to go visit mom. I had a nice time pulling weeds, (imagine that) and just being out in the fresh air. Just as we sat down to eat supper, the nurse called to say Mom wanted to talk to me. She handed her the phone, and mom insisted I come and bring her home, that there was nobody there and she was all alone. I said then who handed you the phone? She still wanted to come home, and when I told her she had one more week she got upset and said if you don't want to help me then don't, and handed the phone to the nurse. I was so upset I just sat staring at my food, and my husband said you might as well run over and go make sure she is ok or you will be miserable all night. So I did, and she calmed down. The confusion seems to be worse at night. I sure wish I had my momma back, but I fear she is leaving me little by little. Maybe once she gets back in her own home she will be better. We'll find out soon, right? Thanks so much for the very supportive comment and for understanding what I am going through. I'm sorry you and your mom had to go through all you did. I know you will always be there for her. Have a wonderful day!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. The fence looks so elegant. Love the star. Hope your meds get adjusted soon. When I first started blood pressure meds a few years ago it took quite a time to get it right. No fun. Well, I don't know who would go first, me or the birds! You are much braver than I..Happy Wednesday..Judy

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I don't know which I love more : that beautiful fence, or that sign! :)

Kathy said...

I loved going back and reading your blogs and looking at all your pictures. I wanted to thank you for your prayers during my Dad's sickness and death. I'm going to miss my biggest supporter of whatever I thought or wanted to do. I loved my Dad!! Thank you again for keeping up with me even though I have been gone for several months. You are a great Blogger friend. Kathy