Friday, November 16, 2012

Can I get WHOOP WHOOP? Taco Bell Gang in da house!

How about them Fighting Texas A&M Aggies against Alabama? While I missed the actual game  last Saturday the rest of the crowd I was with didn’t. The Taco Bell Gang hits San Antonio........

Last Friday David and I went to San Antonio to meet up with 5 of his childhood friends and their wives. Not only were these guys childhood friends they worked at Taco Bell together when they were in high school. Hence they are now known as the Taco Bell Gang or just the Bell Gang. One of the guys, Tommy and his wife MaryBeth wasn’t able to make it for this fun weekend. Missed y'all!  Oh the stories these guys tell when they’re together. Let’s see there’s … the two times Taco Bell was robbed, Hippy Hollow, the Purple Mustang, and stories about some wrecks to name just a few. Wish I could share but I must protect the innocent. Ha! These guys were/are not innocent but they are fun. Last weekend I did learn that they corrupted Kevin. Mmm are we sure about that? I know he only drank milk while the rest of these guys were drinking beer or orange vodka. I know orange vodka, don’t ask.  
This is another of those park the car Friday and don’t see it again until Sunday kind of weekend. Lots of walking... We stayed at the Valencia Hotel. Very nice. The rooms were nice, spacious and the beds were comfy.
That Friday night we went to the Iron Cactus for dinner. We had some really Good margaritas, not bad food and lots of laughs. The food was good but it needed more spice heat.

 After dinner we walked down the riverwalk and then headed to the street to see what we could find.
First we had to stop for a photo op of the Bell Gang..
Carter,  Fred,  Gary,  Kevin,  Billy and the Hubby David

We ended up at the Celeb Star Karaoke Bar. Okay I don’t sing in public. Nope Nope Nope can't make me but we got the guys to.  First Gary, Kevin, Billy and Fred braved the stage and sang "I Get Around"

Then the guys drug Hubby David and Carter on the stage to sing
 “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction"  Peer pressure works wonders.

A couple of the wives (Pam and Lisa) were brave and strutted their stuff across the stage as they sang “Like a Virgin”.

Lisa was enjoying herself.

Decided to snap a picture of Kathy also taking pictures.
The Bell Gang and the girls here did a good job.
After a few songs and a few more beers everyone was ready to put Friday night to bed.

Saturday we  headed to LaMansion for Breakfast. Can you say YUM? Everything was really tasty from the Eggs, sausage, omelets, bacon, bread, muffins, fruit to the cereal. No I didn’t eat all that but I a couple of the guys made a good dent in the buffet.
Breakfast over and we need a plan. Mmm Where do we go from here? No decision was made sitting there so we got up and started walking.

Must have been the motion because someone decided we needed to hit the Alamo. Of course being a military town there was a parade to honor past and present military personnel that was between us and the Alamo. The folks in the parade were in full military dress and families held signs for their loved ones who had lost their lives to serve our country.
This full grown Live Oak tree was transplanted in 1912 at the Alamo. I love how the branches twist and turn. The base of the tree is 12 feet in diameter and the branches are up to 50 feet long.
Sophie says Would you look at the time….it’s almost Aggie game time so we headed to Waxy O'Conners on the Riverwalk to watch the game.  One of the guys had gone by the bar before we got there and called to tell us it only had 1 small TV and it was dark in there so we headed to The Ticket Sports Pub. Not shortages of TV's there and there was plenty of Maroon and White already there so it looked like a good place to be. About the time the Aggie game started Cheryl, Kathy and I took off to the Mokara Hotel and Spa. Our guys treated us to Girls Days out. Awww, ooooo, ahhhhh. We had a 50 minute facial and a 50 minute facial and a lunch. IT WAS WONDERFUL! Thank you hubby.
In the mean time the Aggies were providing a heart stopping game and so did our group so I'm told. See the guy in the back row with the white shirt well I guess he jumped up and was Yell Leader.
Several folks asked if he was a yell leader when he went to A&M. I'm told he was very good. When someone asked again my crazy husband if the guy doing the cheers had been a Yell Leader he replied "No, but he did stay at the Holiday Inn Express". Oh brother. You've seen those commercials right? By the time I catch with the group they are on top of the world between the Aggie Win and the alcohol they were something else. They couldn't contain their excitement.

Everyone was hungry so we decided to grab a cab and go to Mi Tierra down in the market. 
David snapped this picture of the gang while waiting for a table. Gig'em Aggies.

What can I say here the food was awesome and so was the company. 

 No slowing this group down so after dinner we headed back tooo oo Howl at the Moon. Now if you've never been they have this big mirror where they write sayings for a price. Lisa paid and had them write "Taco Bell Gang in da house" Pretty cool but before I got a picture someone paid for something else. But I did get this shot of the mirror.... It was a really fun night. David provided us some of the entertainment. He was being very generous and bought Allison's bachelorette group jello injections/shots and moved on to the pretty Marines. I don't think there is an ugly Marine in uniform.
Some of the things that happened in San Antonio will stay in San Antonio. LOL And some of them well you just had to be there.

And with David's final two beers it's time we decided to call it a night. Of course some folks had to be guided back to the hotel .

Sunday morning arrives. Some feeling better than others. LOL Breakfast at the hotel on the terrace provided some entertainment. Thank goodness it was at the opposite end of the table. Billy and Fred were
 swarmed by the honey bees. Billy became the great bee killer. They landed on his menu and that was their demise. When the waiter took away his menu he had his wallet to use for defense.   Then the pigeons showed up just behind Cheryl and Billy.

David was in deep concentration here watching the bee he caught in his coffee cup under his glass of water.
Doesn' t take much to entertain us this morning.
So ends a wonderful weekend with good friends, lots of laughs and beers/margaritas. Back  home we went.
Until next time.................Good friends are like quilts. They age with you, yet never lose their warmth.



bj said...

hahhaaaa....o...I know ya'll had SUCH a fun time. Those kind of get-togethers are ALWAYS fun.
And, you can't find a more fun city to party in. I absolutely LOVE the River Walk there....sooo cool.

Kathy said...

Looks like someone had a wonderful time:) River walk sounds fun!

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Evening Carla, What a fun time you all had. I showed my husband the photo of The Alamo, he had only seen it in Westerns, so loved the photo. My kind of weekend, good friends and good food, always a winner. Enjoy the rest of your day. Best Wishes Daphne

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Wow, what a weekend!!!

Bet it took some recovery time. -gigggles-

Carla said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all ; )

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!! We'll be heading down that way after Christmas to recoup.

Gayle said...

I'm stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! Looks like y'all have a great time!