Monday, April 16, 2012

Come on I dare you, I double dare you!

A quick recap of my Easter. I don’t know about you but I had a very relaxing time with Family. My sister-in-law Lynn (she’s married to David’s brother) had everyone over for lunch.
Everything was yummy.  Lynn made a Chocolate Eclair for dessert  in honor of her dad, her daughter my niece Shelby and my of nephew Phillip's (Glenda's oldest son) birthday.
Chocolate Elclair seems to be everyones favorite dessert including mine.

 Collage of some of the characters present.
  • Good looking young man on the top left is my nephew Kevin
  • Kevin and my daughter Pamela
  • Lynn holding her little pooch named Pepper and that's my daughter Pamela again in the peach colored shirt
  • Center photo of three beautiful girls - the 2blondes are Gary and Lynn's daughter's Kendall and Shelby with their cousin Pamela (all the kids grew up thinking their names were "cousin" Kendal, cousin Shelby etc)
  • bottom left is nephew Kevin, his mom Glenda (David's sister),and Pamela
  • then there's my other good lookin nephew Phillip and his cute girlfriend Courtney
  • the last picture is of my niece Shelby with Pepper
Once we got home late Easter Sunday afternoon David and I relaxed on the patio while Pam went in and did school work and Nursing job applications. 
It's so nice just sitting out there starring off in the distance at the lake and watching the birds.

Okay I dare them to finish my driveway. I double dare them.
I know there’s a rhyme and reason for doing the new driveway in sections but it’s like they’re teasing us with each section they tear out and pour. LOL! It's taking forever. First 60’ done, then the next 10’ with a real sidewalk to the front door done, then the next 95’ and then last Thursday night when I got home they had torn out the last 15’ of driveway. This last 15’ will complete our 193’ (I think I added that righrt) long driveway renovation. Yippee.  This past Friday the workers started forming up those last 15ft and curbs over the culverts and the plan was for them to come back on Saturday and pour concrete. I can’t wait.  Right now it's looking good.

David and I left Pamela in charge while we took off for the Hill Country this past Saturday. Just before we left the guys showed up to finish the forms and pour the concrete. Later that afternoon when I was talking with Pamela the workers were pouring concrete. 7 more days and we'll be able to drive on our new driveway. We got home too late Sunday to take pictures. Who knew when we started this patio addition and driveway renovation that it would take 4 months for them to complete.

Also last Thursday night I wanted to attend a sewing bee with the Church Ladies(do you remember the Church Lady (Dana Carvey) from Saturday Nite Live) so I had fun pulling my rolling sewing bag, with quilty tools, project and fabric across the dirt at the side of the driveway, then through the side yard and through the ditch to my car.  Since the end of the drive way was tore up it was the only way to get to my car. Not a big deal in the day light but at that night it was a little difficult. I couldn’t see the mud bug holes in the ditch and got stuck a couple of times. It was rather comical but you had to be there to truly get the full picture.

Oh Well until next blog.......A Family is a Patchwork of Love


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Looks like you have a wonderful home and I think they WILL finish the driveway......grin.

Anonymous said...

Very cute pics, Carla! I need to figure out to layout some of the things on here. You do a great job of it!