Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm as ready as I'll ever bee

Here's our Christmas tree. Now I need to put presents under it. I did a little power shopping on Tuesday. 

How about that Tree skirt. I sewed that back 1979 with my first sewing machine a Sears Kenmore. David bought it for my for our first Christmas in 1978.
I think we're due for a new one. Sounds like another project.

Here's just a few items on and off the tree. Our tree has a little of everything. A little bit Texas, a little bit quilty, a little bit turquoise, a little bit of past like a picture ornament of Pam's first Christmas, ornaments from family to definitely Aggie. Pam has been picking out Texas A&M ornaments every year for our tree. Even our front door wreath bottom right corner picture is Aggie Maroon.

 It's beginning to look like Christmas around here. I even have a few packages under the tree.

As we get settled into the new house we find things we need and things we don't. Here is a new display cabinet we found on Craigslist and put in the den. My old den had built in book shelves and the new house doesn't so I needed some place to put books, some pictures and statues.  Looks pretty good. Well I think so anyway.

I still have plenty of pictures waiting to display somewhere. Just not sure where yet.

Take a look at this house. Makes me think of Dr Seuss or a Willy Wonka house. 
David, Pam and I were out driving around one day and stopped dead in the middle of the street when we saw this house. It's a one of a kind in this Lake community in Magnolia. It might be a one of a kind in any neighborhood.
this picture that day and then last week in the local paper I saw an article about the
The house is mere 12,000+ square feet. Not 1200 but 12,000! Small isn't it?  I snapped this owner and house. The owner calls it "Kaleidoscope". They say each room is loaded with color and funky decor to match the architecture. The article mentioned that the owner was getting ready to put up his Christmas decorations.
I hope I can convince David we need drive by again to see what it looks like all decorated. I would love to tour the inside wouldn't you? 

Oh, I've had 3 electrical shock therapy treatments on my right foot not my head like my husband suggested earlier. Supposedly this will help with the healing process and the inflammation. Might be helping a little but the real test will be when I go back to the doctor to see if it's healed. The pain has eased up some so that's good. Now it just throbs after being up on it all day like I have been the last few days. I guess I better think about wrapping some mores presents so I'm not doing it at the last minute. Not that I would ever do anything like that. Never....Honest, oh alright maybe.

Until Next Blog......May the closeness of friends, the comfort of home, and the unity of our nation, renew your spirits this holiday season


Linda Chapman said...

That house is just crazy!! And what I wouldn't give to tour it!!!

Merry Christmas!
Love your tree......

Texas Tales said...

Pretty tree, Carla! We have so many Aggie decorations as well, there's no getting away from it I'm afraid. Hope y'all have a great holiday!

sgw123 said...

Are you doing your annual Christmas letter this year?

bj said...

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright..:)
Happy New Year.