Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let me Share

As I’ve said before reading blogs have replaced my wasting time on playing Farmville on Facebook. Some Blogs are actually down right inspiring and are full of fun ideas and helpful tips.  I have a couple I want to share with you.

The first one is from The Inspired Room by Melissa and today she shared a home tour featured by House of Turquoise . The house is truly awesome. It’s light and airy and you can just feel the ocean/lake breeze. Whoa! Wait a minute, this lovely house is in Utah you say? Totally took me by surprise. If you get a chance go check it out. It’s very eye catching and relaxing. I especially liked the turquoise chandelier and door of the house. There is turquoise all over the house with just a pop of red in places. I keep going back to look at the tour just to see what else I might have missed the first time like the floors. Some unique designs.  I want to live in that house or at least visit.
It may not be my style but it doesn’t mean I can’t admire. Who knows I might decide to change things up and not just be a cowgirl at heart. David is 100% Texan so it might be a little harder for him but for now we’ll be a little bit Texas and little bit country.

In my upstairs tour you saw that mix of Texas and Country but then there was my poor daughter’s room from the past. She’ll be getting an updated look in the next couple of months more to her liking and age. I’m trying to finish picking up my sewing room in between the craziness and the longer summer hours at work and take photos of the downstairs to post but between the damaged ankle and the chaos of some things happening in our household I just haven’t been able to get far along. Maybe this weekend. But soon I’ll finish my home tour for what it is and I’ll be able to hopefully by my next post share news about the craziness and stress that has gone on around here.

Now for a blog lesson I found while reading Sweet Nothings and saw the button about backing up your blog. I never knew we could do this but it’s something that would have come in handy back in May when the Blogger had a glitch in their maintenance and lost some of our most blog posts.

I'd DIE if I LOST my BLOG ...Wouldn't you?

Oh and something else I just learned how to do. I learned how to type and highlight a word and link it. I was so excited. Yeah I know small things make me happy. So like where the blog above called Sweet Nothings is highlighted, well if you click on it, it will take you to that blog. Too cool, right? I always wondered how that worked so thanks to my talented friend from Texas Tales . This girl has talent and is so creative. If you’re looking for a recipe you ought to check out her blog. She’s always cooking up something, decorating her new home and she’s a freelance writer too. What’s that saying “She cook up the bacon and bring it home too” And don’t let me forget she creates turquoise jewelry that she sells on her Esty account called Texas Take.  Here's an example of her work.Coral and silver necklace with turquoise pendant
Coral and silver necklace with turquoise pendant

All this talent and so young. Talent seems to run in her family trust me. I love this family and keeping up with all their projects. I want at least 1/10th of their talent.

Now we'll see I really learned how to link when I post this. Maybe you can teach and Old Dog new tricks.

So until my next blog…….~ Experience is the best teacher of all. And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist. Only the journey matters. ~  Harry Callahan

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