Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinner Anyone

Okay I'm gonna try something new. I have all these cook books but I always cook the same thing it seems over and over. So I figured I'd be like Julie of the book Julie and Julia and cook my way through a cook book.  But I might have to skip a recipe if it doesn't sound like something I'd consider eating, say like LIVER. Gives me the willies to even think about eating liver. YUCK! Don't like the taste or the texture.  If the cook won't eat it, the cook won't cook it in this household.
The first recipe in the cook book was a pepper steak, brown rice and green beans. It was tasty  but it wasn't our favorite so I won't worry about putting in my personal collection of recipes to try again. It was kinda sad when I had to cut up a good steak instead of running outside to grill it. Oh well I tried.
Now the 2nd recipe with baked apple chunks, chicken and brocolli looked tasty. Well at least to me and Pamela. David said he'd try it but wasn't impressed with apples and meat together but what about Pamela will she eat that he asks? He thought that would stop me in my tracks but Pamela had looked at the recipe and said, "Sure it looks good and healthy".  buiyah David, so there, Pamela was willing to try.

45 minute prep time and 25 -30 min cook time The recipe called for brocolli but David and I just had broccolli so I had to substitue garlic seasoned fresh green beans.

My plate
Pamela was home Thursday for the weekend to babysit Dexter Pup while David and I headed to the Hill Country so she was able provide her input on Recipe #2. Results: Pam and I liked but David wasn't a fan. He liked the chicken and green beans okay but not the apples. I even added some potatoes to the green beans to give David the extra veggie. At least it looked pretty. Almost like the picture in the book what'cha think?    

Here's the Picture out of the cookbook
sorry about the glare from my flash but you get the idea.

I guess this recipe won't make my personal recipe collection to try again either since not everyone was happy with the flavors. Onwards and forwards I guess. Maybe next week I'll try recipe # 3.

I got an overwhelming Hooray on dessert though .............LOL.............. Blue Bell Neopolitan Light ice cream. Go Figure!

Until next blog ...........................Be sure to Kiss the Cook. 
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Linda Chapman said...

What a GREAT idea!!! I think I am going to do the same thing! Louis Dean and I were looking over a cookbook a friend gave me this very afternoon and he suggested we try recipes from front to back! Great minds, Carla!! Great minds work together!! I am going to start this SOON! Like maybe tomorrow! I loved the movie Julie and Julia! Looking forward to what makes a 'STAR' that scores with all three of you!

Deb and Mandy said...

Looks good! When should we come over?

Linda Chapman said...

OK!!! What happened to the Hill Country Post??