Wednesday, August 9, 2017

She'll be coming around the mountain............

We ate at so many good places while in Durango and I can't tell you which one we ate at which day except for a couple. Kevin and Pam made sure we saw the sights and ate well. Even when we cooked at home. Tuesday June 13th in Durango Colorado we get up and go into town to have breakfast at none other than the Durango Diner. I had a green chili egg burrito. Let's just say after a few hours my stomach was rumbling. It was a huge burrito and was smothered in green chili's.  But it was good going down. 
After breakfast we headed to Silverton by car. What a beautiful drive. 

Wasn't exactly a lot of places to pull over to take pictures but these came out okay. I took them as we drove up and down and around the curves and mountains. Poor Pam was on the edge of her seat the whole time. She has a definite fear of heights especially when we were close to the edge of the road and it was a straight down fall but she did survive. I think she was ready for a beer after that or maybe two. Love you Pam. 
Made it to Silverton and our first stop was the courthouse where there was a bathroom and a parking space. Look what I found in the courthouse... A quilt hanging on the wall. Leave it to me to find a quilt.

Silverton was a colorful town. Can't imagine what it looks like in the winter all covered in snow.  Funny thing happened while walking down the streets of Silverton and shopping. We're all talking and laughing when Kevin calls his wife Pam by the name Debbie. Uh who's Debbie? It became the joke for the rest of the week. He has no clue where that came from. 
We may not have rode the train but Pam took our picture in front of it.  It arrived at the same time we did.  Oh and did I mention it was only 37 degrees when we woke up. It was close to 50 when we got to Silverton. Beside if we had road the train we wouldn't have been able to stop in Ouray or drive on to Telluride.

Then I took a picture of Kevin and Pam with the train. 

 After shopping and walking the streets we hopped back in the car and headed down or I guess it was up the road to Ouray. More beautiful scenery. 

Look at the snow still clinging to the mountains.

Made it to Ouray without falling over the side of a mountain and We found a place to park and the first thing I see is O'Brien's Pub. 

I sent a message to Pamela's (my daughter) friend Marlaina back in Houston telling her that they named a Pub after her and the hubby.
We continued down the street to shop and look around. I found this cute little piece in one shop and picked it up for a quilter friend of mine Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest. She loves to make pin cushions and will put one in the egg.  I also found a sign that would be appropriate for any dog owner.  
I sent a picture of it to my co-worker Ashley because we both tend to wear some dog fur to work a lot of mornings.
We stopped to have a bite of lunch at a pizza place. And David and I shared a hamburger. I know I know a hamburger. While sitting there David texted a co-worker of his who just happens to have a get away fixer upper in Ouray. Jimmy gave us the address and directions. It was about 3 blocks away. So after lunch we went to see where Jimmy likes to get away from the heat and hustle of Houston.
Kevin stopped and Pam took our picture in front of Jimmy's house.

Jimmy said it felt weird seeing us in front of his house and him not there but thought it was cool that we took time to go by. This is his views standing in the front yard. Downtown Ouray and Cascade falls, and mountains. Heaven....

Some people have all the luck. Just gorgeous. Our next stop was Telluride.  We rode the gondola to the first jump off and saw plenty of these little guys running around on what would be the slopes when it's ski season.
More Awesome views again.

You can just barely see the falls in Telluride in the below picture. It looks like a white line.

What a beautiful and fun day.
We didn't go hungry while visiting with Pam and Kevin. They cooked Chili one night, ate at place called Chimayos and I had a margarita flat bread pizza with jalapenos. That was so good. The jalapenos really added flavor. One day for lunch we ate a place called KEN AND SUES under the veranda  I had a mushroom sandwich with balsamic. Not bad but wasn't exactly what I expected. One night David and Kevin went down the road to get us pizza. YUM. The drive thru of this place was about 3 inches wider than Kevin's SUV. 
On Wednesday 6/14, David and I took some pictures around the condo. 
Can you see the Lizard on the rocks. 

You can just make out the Animas River behind us. We slept with the balcony door open in our bedroom and you could hear the river water rushing by.

When we were coming back from Telluride yesterday I spied this quilt shop. Pam and Kevin were so sweet to take me back by it on Wednesday so I could check it out. The ladies were really sweet there. I might have bought some fabric and this Tshirt.  LOL

Gotta Love It

Front and Back 

Every time we left the condo we'd pass this tavern. I thought it funny when I read the sign. You would find medicinal shops all everywhere. Meaning of course they had some form of pot for sale. You can even grow a plant and take in on a certain day to sell at this place Kevin was telling us about. I think I got that story right. 

Well we have one more day in Colorado but I'll save that and the rest of our adventures for another post.

Until then...Travel becomes a strategy to accumulate photographs

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