Friday, July 28, 2017

The Fun and Relaxation continues

During the day that Saturday when there was no music David and I did some exploring around Kerrville and happened upon a great place to eat called Cafe at the Ridge. 
It was a really neat place with a nursery and areas to just hang out. On the weekends they'll have music in the evening. My grilled chicken wrap was huge and I could only eat half of it.
While walking around on the grounds we came across this sign and the cool chicken house .

 The chickens could run from this coop to the next one via a tunnel made of twigs. You can kinda see it in the picture to the right of the coop. They were begging for food. It was like they were whining.

They had a huge bed of sunflowers. Photo opt LOL
And the nursery had all kinds of cool yard decor.   
I love the cement chair with all the succulents. That would be cool to have up at the farm. Or anywhere actually.
From here we met our friends the Ragan's at the Bending Branch Winery just outside Comfort. We drank wine and snacked on cheese and crackers. Lots of talk and laughter between long time friends. It was a great afternoon. After this we headed back to Luckenbach for the music.
That Sunday Morning we took off and headed to Durango Colorado to visit and stay with our friends Pam and Kevin Jackson. They bought a condo up there to get away to. We drove for 10 hours that day.  We were going to stop in Albuquerque. NM.
We started seeing lots of windmill power and lots of oil pumpers. and a lot of flat land by the time we hit the High plains and Big Springs, TX.

They were everywhere. 
Getting out of Texas took most of the day Then we finally hit the NM line. Siri welcomed us to NM.
These people are out in the middle of no where. Every now and then we'd see a tree, a cow or a deer but never a house for a long ways. I wonder what these people do for a living... Now I don't have to tell you where the next pictures were taken do I?
I mean I was almost abducted! We never did get the frantic look at the same time. MMmm Maybe I was smiling because they were gonna take him and not me.  Just kiddin sweetie. LOL
Roswell, NM      

You'll have to excuse some of my pictures. I was taking them as we drove down the road at 80 mph. We finally made it to Albuquerque for food and a good nights sleep. Our butts were hurting after that 10 hours. Next morning we ate breakfast and jumped in the car for the last 4 hours of our drive to Durango. This part of the drive gets a little more scenic.  We're starting to see mountains in the distance. YAY
And we finally heard Siri say "Welcome to Colorado"
I was happy and I could see the snow capped mountains ahead and it's June 12th. The weather was beautiful.
When we got to Our friends home in Durango we unloaded the car and head to town to sight see. Found some funny Tshirts. LOL
And sitting the Jackson Patio relaxing with a cinnamon toast crunch drink watching the Animas River roar by. Thanks to our host Kevin. Soooo good. Started getting a little nippy outside when the sun went down.
Every night we were there we slept with the balcony door open.

Woke up the next morning (Tuesday 6/13) to the temp of 37 degrees outside

Our plans for the day....head to Silverton, Ouray, and Telluride. No we didn't take the train, Kevin drove. I hear it's a cool ride but I think we had plenty of fun and we wouldn't have gotten to see or do some the things we did had we rode the train.

Well I've made this post lengthy too... See what happens when I don't post weekly. Story to be continued...

Until next post.."The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." Elisabeth Foley

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Handywoman said...

Are you going to have chickens and need a kewl coup like that? Best part of your post was the shirt "I pooped today" LOVED that, I think I peed a little while reading it. :)
You are always having great fun!!!!