Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How Time Flies when you're having fun.

Wow it's been busy around here. The entire month of May was dedicated to packing up stuff we won't be needing, de-cluttering and sprucing up the house. David worked his butt off getting the outside and inside looking like new with landscaping, painting, general repairs and lugging boxes out of the house as I filled them. And on June 3rd our house officially went on the market. Wow we did it and had several showing right off the bat and then the market seemed to go flat. I sure hope it picks up soon. This the beginning of the process to be able to build and retire to the Rockin K Farm. 
Know anyone looking for a house in the Tomball area, minutes away from 99 Grand Parkway, 1 1/3 acre, a patio perfect to entertain on or just relax, a spacious floor plan, well click Here to check it out and contact our realtor for more info. Here's a couple of sneak peak pictures 


I had to work on getting my sewing room presentable because it wasn't. It was more like a hurricane went through it. But it is looking good now and presentable. I can't necessarily find anything but it's definitely more accessible.
 The quilt on the design wall I finished for my step-father to give to his great-granddaughter Penelope. That's him and my Mom along with Lola holding it so I could snap the picture. Hope Penelope likes it.

I had had my round robin quilt top I was working on, on the design wall the night before they took the pictures of the house and decided I better take it down in case the person it belonged to looked at our listing. Margie's not suppose to see it until the final reveal which will be in late September when it's complete.
Margie helped mentore me in making my first Tshirt Quilt for Pamela with some of the hundreds of tshirts she had collected over the years of her college days. Plus I had it custom quilted by Betty Baker @ T-Shirt Quilts of Texas. The quilt turned out awesome. Before Pamela came home to visit I put it on the queen size bed she sleeps in so when she walked in the room she'd see it right away. I could hear Pamela yelling Oh Wow. She loved it. Oh and Yes I said queen size. The quilt fits perfect on the queen size bed.
Here's some up close views of some of the quilting. I believe Betty said it took about 8 hours to quilt digitally. Can't imagine how long it would take if you did this by hand.

Pamela couldn't wait to try it out. She curled up and took a nap under it. I still haven't got the binding on it but when I do I want to take some better pictures of the over all quilt.  Now on to my next and last round robin quilt top and a baby quilt that I'm working on with a friend of mine.    Maybe sometime in all this our house will sell.
Pamela has a special visitor from Missouri
when she went back home. When we were in Missouri last year for my nephew Zachariah's wedding, Pamela and my other nephew Tyler's girlfriend hit it off and became good buddies. Well now she's an X I'm told. Pamela took Hannah around Texas A&M, up the Rockin K,  and they might have hit a couple wineries. They had a great time hanging out. On Hannah's way home Pamela followed her to Waco and they went to the Magnolia Silo's.
I'm going to have to break up my posts to share all that went on in June thru now in July. 

David and I were ready to get away and relax after all the prep work for getting the house on the market so we headed to Luckenbach for some music and relaxation. 
Thomas Michael Riley was having his annual music festival. He always has a great line up of music artist. Of course of of our favs was there Davin James,  and of course Thomas Michael himself and another fav Max Stallings with his wife Heather on Fiddle and Bryce Clark on base guitar here in the picture. 
While there we hung out with our long time friends The Ragan's.  And go figure during the day we might have met up at a winery before the music began again later that evening.
I'm gonna stop for now or this will take forever to read. I mean it's long enough as it is. So I'll pick up on my next post with our adventures in the Hill Country.

Until next post.... Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.


Betty said...

Oh Carla, I love your chatty posts. I am thrilled that Pam loves her A&M Quilt. And that patio at your house looks so inviting!


Linda said...

It's always good to catch up with you! I ove your house! I still remember the first time I visited there! I was with Amber and Mike and we seemed to have a problem as I recall! Hahahahaha! Love you, Carla and I wish you both the best in selling and retiring and just getting to live Life! Luis Dean and I are loving it!