Saturday, August 12, 2017

June Vacation time winding down

Can't believe our time is almost up in Durango. Pam and Kevin were the best hosts. They showed us the town, fed us or made sure we found food at the various great restaurants. Oh and David learned a new way to eat french fries.... with mustard and catsup. Kevin was eating his that way one day and he told us we needed to try it. Well I'm not a fan of mustard but David is and he tried it and like it. 
They provided us with a comfy bed and room with a view. We hated to leave. David was relaxed which he rarely does and enjoyed every minute.
Our daughter Pamela was doggy sitting for us and took the girls to get groomed then sent the picture that the groomer took. How does she get them both to sit still long enough to take pictures especially these two together.
Lilley Momma is on the left and Sophie Girl is on the right.

Our adventures for our last day included a drive to Ignacio to the Sky Ute casino. My husband is crazy.. What can I say. We hadn't brought any money to gamble with so he pulled $50 bucks each out of our travel money to donate of course to the casino.
Only the surprise was on us. I won $250 on a quarter slot machine. I stopped and didn't get greedy. We used some of the money to take Pam and Kevin out to dinner that night for their hospitality and build a new cabinet for the kitchen. We bought the house with this opening next to the sink and we finally built a cabinet to go in it. We had lots of fun and some good beer and food at the Steamworks Brewery for our last night. After that we went back to their condo to pack up and relax.
While they were on the patio I went up to take a shower and missed this beautiful Durango sunset. Pam took it and share it with me.
Friday morning we got up early and headed back to Texas. Bye Bye Durango. Many Thanks to Pam and Kevin for inviting us and putting up with us.
The drive back was uneventful. We had planned on driving 10 hours to Abilene, find a hotel,  get up the next morning and drive the rest of the way to the farm but David wasn't tired so we kept going. We got as far as Gateville, TX and David had to give up. Checked into the Holiday Inn Express to find out that the elevator was broke and we were on the 2nd floor. I'm not good on stairs anyway but carrying luggage up made it fun but we made it.
Next morning we got up and headed to the Rockin K. It was nice being back but not the heat. It never go over 80 while in Durango.
I called Pamela to let her know we were down the road. She said great then maybe you can ride with me to San Antonio to visit with Aunt Barb and Nancy and cousin Shelby.  I thought yippee more time in the car but David said go and he'd meet us back at Pammy's house that evening. 
When we got to the farm we were greeted at the gate with a deer. She trotted off quickly toward the pecan tree and cabin. Next day David found Momma and baby hanging out in the grove of oak trees.

But before leaving I had Pamela take our version of the American Gothic picture..

Then Pamela and I hopped in the car for our 3 hour drive. Of course we caught with each other for the happenings the past week.
My sister Barbara is a retire teacher/coach and was a medic in the Air Force Reserves. She served a tour in Qutar and Afghanistan but now she travels and sets up recruiter booths. You know I'm not exactly sure of her official position but it keeps her traveling and seeing the sights. Anyway she and Nancy knew Pamela was coming but not Me. I was a surprise and a surprise I was. Barbara didn't get off work for a couple of hours so we decided to take Nancy and Shelby to a winery. Nancy and Shelby has already been seeing the sights of San Antonio while Barbara was working so this was something a little different. 
Now Nancy is not so much of a wine drinker but we found a wine she liked.
In fact Shelby caught this picture of Nancy making it look like she was a heavy wine drinker. LOL
It was a new winery and not much seating but we found spots by this nice couple who in the end bought all our tasting. WOW Didn't expect that. I was ready to pay when the owner goes the couple you were sitting with paid for everything already. Wow. It was getting close for time for Barbara to be off work so we headed back to the hotel.  Pamela walked into the room first and Barbara jumped to give her a big hug but then I walked in, the look on her face was priceless and she started to cry. Nancy and her daughter had guessed I was coming when Pamela told them she had to stop and pick up a package. 
It was going on dinner time so we headed to the Market to have dinner at Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery. YUM. Shelby enjoyed a strawberry margarita while we waited on food. 
I will say the prices have gone up since I was there last but still tasty. 

After dinner we wondered around the market and acted silly. 

  And I do mean silly. LOL Never a dull moment with Barbara 


Barbara, Me and Nancy

Cousin Love
 Time went by quickly and it's a 3 hour drive back to Pamela's. David would be waiting for us at Pamela's. So we headed back to the hotel and gave hugs and goodbyes and we were off. I really enjoyed getting to see my family from Missouri in Texas.  By the time we got back to Pamela's I was attacked by Lilley and Sophie.
We stayed the night and Pamela's so David could go back up to the farm and finish a couple of small chores. I ran some errands with Pamela then it's time to head home.
That night even though Lilley loves being with Pamela and her little Sophie she's ready to crash in bed. Home Sweet Home. We felt the same way.
 Until next blog.... As Dorothy would say... There's no place like home.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. You always have too much fun!! Love the doggies with glasses and you American Gothic pic. What a joy to be able to look out and see the beautiful wild life..Have a great week..Judy