Sunday, January 29, 2017

Getting back up to Speed

This Texas weather is rough on the health. One day it's 29 and the next it's 60 and then it goes back to 40 and up to 80. And it all caught up to me a couple of weeks a go. I felt terrible and couldn't breath. I was able to sneak into the doctors a couple of days into it and he gave me a cough medicine with codeine which means I can only take at night an he told me to do a nasal salt wash. I don't know about you but I'd never done one on me or my child.  I wasn't so sure about it but I bought Neti pot well in my case a bottle and viola' it's works. Not pleasant but painless and it works. That was the best night sleep since I got sick. 
Thought I was better so David and I went to eat at Mel's Country Cafe the home of the Mega burger.

The Mega Mel burger consists of One and a half pounds of ground beef, a FULL pound of bacon, 1/4 pound of cheese & all the trimmings. FINISH & ADD YOUR NAME TO OUR WALL

While the Famous Mel burger consists of  A FULL pound of fresh-ground beef, 1/2 pound of bacon, 3 slices of American cheese garnished with all the traditional favorite trimmings. 

I don't know about you but that's a lot of burger. Wow. They have a hall of fame for those who eat it and they have the winners. One guy finished one off in 9 minutes. I can't imagine. He's the top winner and there's a gal who ate one in 20 minutes.  Well we weren't that crazy so we ordered their chicken strips. They're not overly breaded and they're flavored just right. I couldn't eat all mine and David gave me his last strip so I had left overs for lunch the following week. 
To be honest I don't even remember that weekend especially Sunday. I literally slept all day in the recliner.
Now This past week was a slow one and I should have been sewing and doing laundry but I pretty much came home, cooked and then did nothing and went to bed early. 
I did manage to surprise my 
boss with a cake and kolaches for her birthday. 

Then we both got a surprise when the candles wouldn't blow out. She finally succeeded. Of course it got harder when she got the giggles.
This Friday I was doing okay so David suggested we go eat catfish at our favorite place in Cat Springs, The Crossroads Tavern. But at the last minute we changed our minds and decided to try a new place to us that we've been talking about for a while now.  We went to the Relay Station Restaurant on Hwy 105 in Plantersville. Our 4th new place for 2017. Anyway that was a fun drive. Lots of traffic until we got through Magnolia then it was smooth sailing. They serve all you can eat for 8.99 which includes catfish, fries and a salad, then your drink is extra plus a tip because the waitress serves you. The food was pretty darn tasty but I think we'll continue to go to Cat Springs. They're tea is included in their $10 all you can eat and the drive is much easier. It might be 20 minutes further but a much easier drive. We literally walk out for $20(self serve) and at the Relay our bill was $30 with tip.
Saturday we got up and drove to Carmine which is about an 1 hr and 20 minutes away for the County Line Vintage Antique Show. When we got to Carmine we only saw the standard antique shops and no outdoor vendors. Very confusing. Oh well we're here so we went through the shops. We went in Neece's Antique shop and David got to talking with the shop owner and found out that the show was actually on Hwy 458 and 237. Which is actually more Roundtop than Carmine. 
Anyway we're looking through the store and I found a crockery bowl. David kept walking and as he walked out of the room we were in he saw what looked like someone locking up the store. He goes "I think that lady just locked us in here" Well I come out of the back room going "No Way" but sure enough he went to the door and he couldn't get out. Awesome! He started banging on the window and thank goodness the lady actually heard  him and came back to open up. How crazy is that?  She apologized and said she didn't realize anyone was still in the store so she was gonna run home for a bite of lunch. We could have been locked in there for a while had she not heard David banging on the window.  
I bought my bowl and we headed to the antique show down the road. The lavender looking bowl is the new one.
I don't have room for too many so I may have to avoid bowls next time we go out but they're so cool. 

After shopping we headed to the farm to check on the pond and drop off some stuff. First thing David had to show me when I got there was the counter-top he built and the cabinets he hung and got everything stained in the barn.  
He did a great job and it's ready for the sink he set in there for me to view. Then he'll have a place for his coffee pot and the microwave instead of the shaky white craft table.

While in the barn I took a picture of the tractor that just got of the shop last week. Rather costly repair. 
So okay the tractor isn't so pink but the front end loader is what's really pink so I guess I have to quit giving David a bad time for buying a pink tractor but maybe not. LOL

Then we had to go check on the pond. We could actually see the pond from the barn. Meaning it's getting fuller. Dang it you can't see the flag in the picture to see how much further it needs to come up on this end but all the lower flags are under water now.

Love the color and clearness of the water. If it weren't so chilly it would be inviting.
While wandering around by the pond we saw wild life tracks. Not deer this time. Maybe a coyote or cat of some kind. Who knows.  One set I found looked like raccoon.
And today (Sunday) is about LAUNDRY since the basket is over flowing and sewing. So the blog is ready to post and I need to wash wash wash and sew sew sew.
Later folks until next blog..... You don’t get to choose how you are going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you are going to live. Now.” ~ Joan Baez

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