Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trying New Places in 2017

I don't remember if I posted about the new restaurant down the street from us or not so I will now.  Right before New Year's we stopped at the Frio Grill. They weren't officially opening till January 7th. I wonder how it went. Our food was really tasty. But the kitchen needed to step up their game in accuracy and service. Our waiter recommended the fried macaroni balls stuffed with brisket with a spicy cream sauce. I was surprised when David said okay. That's not something I expected but the brisket part got his attention. They were really good but different.  For dinner we both ordered a Frio burger. They were pretty darn good too. The burgers could have used a tad more seasoning but good all the same. We plan on going back again after they get the kinks worked out. My co-worker went a week ago and the waitress they had was not so great but she said the food was okay.

Check out how this oak tree grew at the Rockin K by the pond. Do you see the hole? Kinda crazy but neat looking. Didn't notice it with all the leaves prior.

You can now stand back from the pond and can see some water. The pond is getting fuller and it's so clear. YAY
Can you see the flag in the water? The pond has come up a foot past the flag so another 14 feet and the pond will be full. Cross your fingers that we get some good rain next week to fill it up more. David is ready to start stocking it with fish.
So this past Tuesday night we tried a new venue for listening to music. It's not so close by but we did like the place. It's called Cottonwood. We went to listen to "Two Tons of Steel".  They play rockabilly music and they're good. Gets your toes a tapping and your body a moving.

We also grabbed a bite to eat. We each ordered a hamburger. I know again with the hamburer but Oh my they were good. Homemade tasting like what my Grandmother used to make. mmmm Next time I want to try the Squirrel Master Buger. It's stuffed with poblano peppers, topped with a jalapeno fried egg, pepper jack cheese and bacon. I've always wanted to try a burger with an egg so next time... 
The bass player is the nephew of an x-coworker. Well Auntie Dawn didn't make it out to enjoy the music. So to harass her I grabbed Jake during a break and took a picture of us teasing her that I got to hug her cute nephew. He is one heck of a bass player and is self taught.
We're listening to the music and this guy walked up to my husband and ask if he was David. Just as he did I realized it was my big brother from fraternity from the U of Houston.  OMG I hadn't seen Sorrell since college and that's been a few days. Okay so maybe years. I follow him on facebook but it was great seeing him in person and getting a hug. I should have taken a picture but I wasn't thinking. Goof ball here.
Friday night the 13th my good friend and realtor came out to the house and hung with me for a few hours. And guess what we didn't drink one drop of wine or alcohol of any kind. We were good girls.
Probably a good idea since it was Friday the 13th and I already had one friend in a bad accident and another posted that her son was in one. Wow but the good news is both walked away.
On Saturday I drove up to Montgomery and grabbed my Mom and took her to the farm. shopping and lunch. She hadn't been since the porch, porch cover and the over hangs on the barn were completed, along with the few pieces of furniture and the re-do of the pond. Since she's not driving I wasn't sure when she would get up there and she's been wanting to see everything.  And the pond was up another foot or two since my picture above. YAY! Mom had a full day today. By the time we were heading home she was tired and ready for her cup of coffee. 
So that's 2 new places we've gone to already for 2017. Off to a good start. David came home from the farm Saturday too. I just beat him home. We were ready for some supper so went off to another new place called Rita's off Hwy 249 in Pinehurst just outside Tomball. They serve Mexican food our favorite well mine anyway.  They've only been open about 6 months. The food was really good so we'll definitely be going back. Back June 2016 David had enchiladas verdes in a Mexican restaurant in Chillocothe, Missouri and raves about them so he has been comparing the enchiladas verdes here in Texas to the ones in Missouri. Well Rita's passed the test. I'm not sure any one has yet. Rita's gets a gold star and he liked their refried beans. Sorry I'm not good at remembering to take pictures of food so I can't share and make you drool like my friend Linda over at Linda's Life journal. OMG she has me drooling over the food she or her husband has made. Wish we lived closer so I could sample. LOL
So 3 new places so far for 2017. Frio's Grill, Cottonwood and Rita's. 
So until next blog...


Lisa guinther said...

I am surprised to hear that the standard for enchiladas verdeso would be in Chillicothe, MO...!!! Who would have guessed?

Handywoman said...

Oh you must try the burger with the egg...that is one of my favs. I always ask for the egg over easy :) I sure hope that pond rises and you get some fish in there! how neat to be able to fish anytime you want without leaving your own yard!!!

Handywoman said...

Oh, btw I LOVE your new hair's spectacular!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla. It's good to find new places and the pond is looking great..Happy Monday..Judy

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Okay you are making me hungry!! Love to try new places. We've had a few new ones here, but they are extra expensive and service isn't too good. I don't mind paying good money, but want something tasty and hot. I'm always up for a good burger or a steak from Saltgrass.....nooooooooo now I'm really hungry.

Have a great day. I'm heading the the icebox.