Thursday, January 12, 2017

2016 quilting UFO's review

2016 UFO's and review
Well let's see if I can I accomplished anything for 2016. Maybe a couple. I'm definitely doing better than I used too.  Prior to 2015 I did a lot of buying but had very little to show for it. But not anymore. YAY!
Trying a new way of identifying the status of my projects. Stole this method from fellow blogger Bea at Beaquilter.  Trying to make it easier to keep up with and read.
  • If in red I've worked on recently
  • If crossed thru it's complete. 
So here's what I what I have to show for 2016 and what I still need to complete.
*need 1 more handmade item from FB post. Finished 4 of 5
*Texas Flag quilt - red and white section ready, work on blue blocks for me!
  • Sandy's memory quilt -

Sandy's Memory Quilt

  • Round Robin medallion round 1, round 2 can't show pictures for this until the final hand off when I get my completed quilt top back. Total of 6 rounds. 7th will be getting our tops back.
  • Baby quilt for Jeremiah and Melissa's baby Beckett quilt 
  • Beckett's Quilt

    • Baby Quilt for Laina and Josh's baby boy Thomas

  • Thomas's quilt
  • baby Quilt for Rhonda  for Hudson
    Hudson's quilt

  • valence up in guest room
  • curtains for cabin temporary burlap
  • baby quilt for Heathers Baby - at the quilter ready for binding
  • baby quilt for Ashley W
  • baby quilt for Dava D.
All these babies. 2016 was a busy year and I'm bringing up the rear on this quilt making. Maybe 2017 I'll sneak in something for me that's on this list.
Quilt retreat is coming up in March and I already know what I plan on working on.

Made something fun not on my list. Great for giving gifts of wine. You can use any fabric, ribbon, whatever to tie it off.  My friend Donna Lynn asked if it could hold bottle of Crown. It's possible. I'll have to try that if we have any Crown left.
  • Nickies Tshirt quilt 
  • Mom's flannel quilt - pieced, add applique
  •  fleece quilt
  • Allan's quilt - fabric bought
  • Phi Mu auction quilt - fabric bought
  • valances  - Den  - dining room   - breakfast room
  • master bath
  • Hobo Quilt - picking out fabric
  • Bible Quilt - fabric bought, 1 block
  • Special Quilt for a special grandma (JLK)
Pamela's projects for me
·    #1 t-shirt quilt
·   #2 black/white/teal
·   #3 kit we bought in Missouri a few years ago

  •   Open a pattern I bought and and make it  I keep trying to do this but I get side tracked and find something else to make. Maybe this year.
Ongoing projects
·  postcards
·  bookmarks
·  mug rugs
Well I didn't get quite as many quilts finished this year but 2017 UFO list is smaller list and I hope I can finish the old UFO's and start a whole new list of projects eventually. This year I've tried some new blocks that proved challenging to me and went outside the comfort zone and joined a Round Robin. In fact Margie Lawrence the one who convinced me to do one with her, the owner of the RR Retreat house I go to will be at Tri County Quilt Guild February-7th with a trunk show to talk about Round Robins. She has some beautiful quilts as result of these Round Robins. Last time I spoke with her, she is doing 3 different ones at the same time.  Two of them are with Round Robin Virgins. We had never done this before. We're learning.

Well that's it for this post...


Linda said...

You are such an ambitious quilter!!! I love it all and am so thankful you spread your talents around to bless so many! We still treasure wvery single thing you have made and sent our way!

donna said...

Carla you got a lot done in 2016. Your quilt pictures look great. I am sew looking forward to retreat.