Sunday, November 29, 2015

Busy times and time for Thanksgiving

It's been a busy time. A week ago Friday I headed up to Bryan to help Pamela with yet another baby shower. I hope she doesn't drink the water. 
This young lady was Pamela's roommate in nursing school and friend. Pamela came up with a cute idea for a guest book. She made a page with a whale and hearts for the guests to sign in on and she framed the invite and wrote on the glass.
Pamela also made Spenser a wreath for the baby.  Spenser texted Pamela a picture of a wreath that a patient had on her hospital room door and told Pamela "This is the one I want" so Pamela wanted to please and she made Baby Ellis his special nautical wreath. She did a great job! 
The only hang up was that the skein of yarn was all tangled up. It took the two of us and almost 3 hours to get it wrapped in yarn but it turned out really cute.  
Spenser got a little baby practice with another fellow nurse's baby. She looks very natural holding a baby. 
These girls studied together and played together during nursing school.

Amanda Hostess, Spenser Mom to Be, Heather Hostess and Pamela Hostess @ Pamela's home.
The shower turned out great. They had plenty of food and everything was decorated just right.

Then back in Houston Pamela went to visit her Elementary school friend Marlaina and her new baby boy Thomas who was a week old.

Tuesday and Wednesday was full of doctors appointments, hair appointments and a little Christmas shopping. Busy busy.

Thanksgiving dinner was at Glenda's (David's sister) this year but David's brother Gary took his family to Garner State Park to camp with some of the old neighborhood friends. They were missed. I heard they came back early due to weather but I'm sure they had plenty of fun.

Here's Glenda with her boys. Hate to tell Glenda but she's short up against these guys even with her heels. LOL. I tell ya I have the best looking nephews in Texas and Missouri.

Then here's me and Pamela. I sporting my new hair color and cut Thanks to Brittany.

and Pamela and her Dad. 
We should have taken a picture of all 3 of us but that didn't happen. 
Maybe this coming weekend we can get a family picture taken. 

Obviously we had fun taking pictures I just forgot to get one of Glenda's beautiful table setting and the yummy food.

I was off my game of taking pictures. I mean my Mom and Joe had been there and I didn't even get a picture with them.
Pamela headed back home on Friday. She had to work the next 2 days. I spent these couple of days getting my desk area set back up in Pamela's old room. Now to get my sewing room picked back up. My Thanksgiving was very nice. I give Thanks for my family and my friends. I give Thanks for my Dad's continued fight that he seems to be gaining on. I give Thanks for Mother who seems to be better. I give Thanks to my co-workers and Boss who are there for me and I them. I give Thanks to Life and happiness.
I got 2 quilt tops back from my fabulous quilter Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest that I need to get the binding this week. I'll get pictures after I'm done to share.
To end the blog and the's my fur baby. While I type my blog she came in and rooted around on Dexter's old bed and
made herself at home for the first time. Normally the little princess is on the couch or in my recliner. LOL 
She had a big Thanksgiving playing hard with her baby girl Sophie (Pamela's dog)

Until next blog...A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold. ~Ogden Nash

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