Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Already

December is here and I'm not even ready for Christmas. I've got two weekends to get gifts bought and wrapped. I've kinda lost the holiday spirit right now but again I choose Happy so I will pick myself up and dust off the britches. The family could use some prayers....My Dad's cancer has returned. We'll learn more about his options if there are any, on Friday the 11th. He's been on a trial drug for the last couple of months but it's not stopping the tumors from growing. They have doubled in size in the last couple of months. My oldest sister was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer a couple of weeks ago and is having a radical mastectomy on Tuesday the 9th.  
Now the one blessing on the 9th is my niece in Missouri will be giving birth to her and my nephew's 1st baby. It's a boy but no name has been released yet. My nephew told me that Melissa had sworn him to secrecy. 

This past Friday Pamela came home to go to a friends to help celebrate her baby boy's first birthday and give him his quilt I had just completed.
Westin is an Aggie in the making. Quilting was done by my friend Donna @ Donna's Lavender Nest. She's got a deal going now that after she quilts 7 quilts your 8th quilt will be 50% off.  
Can't argue with that and her turn around times are very reasonably. I trust her completely with my quilts. I'm not sure Westin cares about a quilt but Madison(dog) and Mom Heather approve.
I hope he gets plenty of use out of it over the years.
I was hoping to share another completion but I guess I have to wait until it gets to the intended recipient in Dallas.
Man I don't know what it is with these girls.  LOL
They are all having babies at the same time which is making it had to get quilts done fast enough especially for me. I mean I'm getting better but ......
This quilt was made for Westin's birthday so I'm on time with this one. And if I get the quilt on my sewing table in the mail it might make it to Baby Ellis James before he makes his grand entrance. 

But this little cutie has to wait. Meet Thomas Allen O'Brien, he made his appearance on the 16th of November. Pamela has gone to visit a couple of times now to give hugs and snuggles with this little guy.  
His quilt is in progress right now. His Mommy is Pamela's long time friend from elementary school. Thomas doesn't know it yet but he's got a couple of great parents.
Then there's my nephew and niece who's having a baby on the 9th. This little Boy will have to wait on his quilt. I'm slow but he'll get one. I've already got it cut out but have to put it together. I did show Mommy to Be a sneak peek at a piece of fabric. Melissa got a peek at the colors but just a peek. It didn't give away the look or design of what the quilt will look like when complete. 

This Saturday Pamela and I headed up to see my mom and get her out of the house. We talked, laughed, ate lunch and did just a little shopping and then we laughed and talked some more. A few pictures from the day

 It was a good day.

Until next blog....A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes, the sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose


Betty Baker said...

Love your A&M quilt pictured. Wish I had more time for quilting new stuff. Things will get better.

Linda said...

That quilt is a REAL TREASURE!!!! You do such good work and you have made so MANY quilts for babies!!! I love using the ones you made for the quads - I take naps with them too!!!