Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Rockin K Farm time

We took 3 big crepe myrtles up to Pamela's house that she's going to get planted.  Pamela and David placed them in the back yard and then mapped out a flower bed along the back fence line. She's all excited about a little bit of landscaping going in. She goes "This makes it feel like a real home now".
Her yard guy will be out sometime soon to prep the flower bed and plant the crepe myrtles.
Next she wants a tree in the middle of her yard to provide some shade in time. Plus a little more landscaping in the front.

After finishing up at her place we headed on up to the Rockin K Farm with 5 of our own trees. Four weeping willows to put down by the pond and one Red maple to put behind the Mini Mansion to block the west sun that beats on the back wall. Of course we'll have to wait for it to grow up to do that.  David got all 5 trees planted. He works like crazy and crashes at the end of the day.
Beside trees we also delivered a head board, mattress, a small dresser and night stand. I think they'll look great in the Mini Mansion. We still need to get the bed rails to set things up but at least a real bed will be more comfortable than a cot. I think David found some rails and will be getting them this week sometime.  Gotta love It's all coming together slowly.
Before we can insulate David has to determine where all he needs to run wiring for the electrical part and we have to get a septic and plumber our for the plumbing.  All the insulation is now stacked up in Pamela's old room back at the house. It was on sale so we didn't wait to buy. Didn't want to put it in the garage to collect bugs and we didn't want to put it in the mini mansion to just sit in the way when working on the wiring. 
Pamela and I took a sight seeing ride on the 4 wheeler down the road.  Check out the red oak behind us.  

Here's a bigger picture of the tree. Fall has definitely reached the farm.

David went up to the farm one week later and no leaves were left on the oak tree but now the crepe myrtles were a vivid red.  

We meet a neighbor as we pulled out of the driveway. I'm not sure if she's friendly or not. Or maybe she was checking out these two crazy women on a 4 wheeler taking her picture. She's purdy 

Well actually we met 2. I think this one is telling us Welcome to the neighborhood.  She's purdy too.
We drove down to the far end of the loop. That last stretch of road out to hwy 79 is totally covered by the trees. The pictures don't do it justice.  Last year when David and I drove down that section the leaves were falling from the trees like snow. It was really pretty. I was hoping we could capture that same scene but nope not yet. There's just something about this section of road. This end of the road doesn't have much gravel on it so when it rains it's a muddy mess.. 
The west end of the loop has quite a bit of gravel down so it's easier to navigate if it's been raining plus it's closest to the farm.

End of our little adventure. We went back to the farm to feed the cats catfish. 
The minute they hear the 4 wheeler you can see their wake as the come a running. Swimming in this case. 
We counted 15 fish and we didn't make it to the back side of the pond because it was too wet. There's at least 10 over there plus we have now been seeing several perch.

Pamela has her first warranty issue with house. We had some pretty hard rain recently and thank goodness Pamela was off this day because ..... This is what she saw going to the patio door...

Crazy. Now we realize that's why her rug was so wet during the big rain the time before this. We thought it was because the water was splashing when we opened the door to get Sophie and Lilley to go potty but I'm guessing it was this leak and we just didn't notice it. 
Sophie is scoping out which present she wants after her grooming.  Oh the choices. 

And of course she gets her Christmas picture taken.  I'm gonna have to find a place like this for Lilley.

That's it for now...Until next blog..."The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."

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Linda said...

I love all the progress you guys are making! Mini Mansion is the making!! That road!! I love that road!!! I am reminded of why I love going down to the ranch so much!!