Friday, November 20, 2015

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A week ago Saturday a couple of David's cousin's put on the 1st Annual Dewees Family Reunion. Rain or Shine they said and Rain is what we got. Thank goodness they had a good size garage.
Darla and Pam had a pretty good turn out for their first reunion and there was an abundance of food. I think we could have come back on Sunday to graze again. And everything was really yummy. This is David's Mom's side of the family. It seems that the only time we see anyone is at a wedding, showers or funeral's. 
So the girls thought they'd change that and they did a great job. Hopefully next year the turn out will be even bigger and more of the kids can come. My Pamela had to work so she didn't get come down for it. Pam C. wasn't present after all her hard work. She was home sick. I think it was because her husband had been doing all the cooking while she's recovering from foot surgery.  That's what he said. I wasn't passing judgment. Honest. 
Direct Dewees decedents present at the time of picture taking. Some had already left.
 Just the guys... in-laws/outlaws, offspring and decedents whatever. 

Just the girls... in-laws/outlaws, offspring and decedents. 

It was a nice afternoon. Rain or not.

 So my boss Kim and her husband have been fostering 3 boys for the last 2 1/2 years with the intention to adopt and it finally happened..  My co-workers and I decided to give her a surprise shower. We decided a money/gift card tree would be the most appropriate since the boys are 6 and 11. Not exactly baby's.
Had a nice layout of food.  More food showed after Samara took this picture.
Kim was totally caught off guard. She had her tablet in hand ready for a meeting. Good thing we had the director send out a request for a meeting because she was ready to go out to lunch and run some errands. When she mentioned leaving I asked if she'd be back in time for the meeting and she starts looking at her calendar saying I don't have any until the next day and then she sees the fake meeting the director set up. Whew. Thank goodness.
 As she walked in she was like what's all the food for. You could see she was confused.
We yelled 'surprise' and it still hadn't clicked in for her what  was happening.  

Jay took her tablet and told her he didn't think she'd need it for this meeting.
 She never suspected a thing. I figured she would have guessed since I kept getting up and down from my desk and girls were at my desk gathering some things but we did good. Thanks Samara, Ashley and Cassie for helping get this set up and arranged.

Last weekend David and I went to the Waller County Fairgrounds for the Vintage Days Market. First we stopped at our favorite hole in the wall place for breakfast in Waller. In and out for about $15. Plenty of tasty food. David loves their migas and I got pancakes.
At the Fair we only spent about $40 which is pretty good for us. They had a little of everything there like refurbished furniture and new furniture that looked vintage, clothes, Christmas deco, etc. You name it and it was probably there. It wasn't real big so we were done by 12:20pm and headed back home.

Once home I proceeded to start unloading shelves and my desk so we could move them to Pamela's old room so I can have my office/quilting room be solely for quilting/sewing. 
With my desk, printer shelf, and corner shelf unit out of here I will be able to put my design wall in there and move my cutting table out in front of my fabric shelving and books. Things look like a bomb exploded so this semi make over will help me sort thru and organize. I took this picture. EGADS!!  I have lots and lots of debris.  The other side of the room is full too but I get this side looking good before showing the other side. LOL. I'll have room to move around soon.
Okay I had to share this picture. While my Niece dances all the time in competitions and recitals her Dad not so much but he has a blast at the annual Father-Daughter dance. Kevin is a natural ham so it doesn't bother him at all to get on stage and show off his moves. This is not the kind father dance that David went to with Pamela in elementary school. I'm not sure if he would be prepared to do this or not. I guess we'll never know now.
Okay so Pamela is loving her new house and slowly finding things to help decorate and complete rooms through out the house.  
Her Christmas list in the past 3 years has changed slightly from wanting video games, movies and purses to house hold kind of things like a vacuum, a blender etc... this year she wanted a china hutch for the dining room. She found one she really wanted and we told her that we would buy it for her Christmas present and she was totally okay with that... So this now sits in her dining room with a bow. She has already started placing items in it. She opened her Christmas present... Bad little girl.  
Went to book club last night. Our Hostess made some yummy chili with all the fixin's. Our up for discussion was The Dog Who Saved Me: A Novel by Susan Wilson . And everyone loved the book but I had to admit again I had not read the book. I'm still trying to finish our book from last time The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Klein. I'm enjoying the book but I've been on a roll and making some progress on my unfinished sewing projects list so reading got put on the back burner.
Well here it is another Friday has finally made back around. Thank Goodness. I'm off to Pamela's to help help with a baby shower for her x-nursing school roomie and then I'll head up to the Rockin K Farm Mini Mansion. mmmm could get a little chilly in there tonight. I'll pulling out my space heater at the house to take with me. It's only suppose to be 35 degrees Sunday morning..  I'll let you know how this turns our.
Until then....Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present”  ~- B. Olatunji

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Linda said...

Oh, my GOODNESS!!! You are one busy lady!!!
Is that the sewing room I saw back when we were living in Katy? You are so creative. I KNOW you can and will make a home anywhere and under any conditions! That's just who you are!!