Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Making headlines and the Rockin K

So while I was out having fun Friday my Tiny Dancer Niece was at the National FFA Creed Competition in Louisville, KY. Almost every state had an entry. My Dad told me this was the first time my hometown of Trenton, Missouri had ever had a representative. Emily had won state and moved on to Nationals. I thought it very impressive being that she's a freshman and a new member of FFA this year.
So she made the cut to semi finals of 16 then Friday she made the cut to last 4 finalist. Okay so maybe I'm biased but this little lady is smart, pretty, talented and humble. Don't get me wrong I believe she is all teenager and has her moments of silliness (quite often) and her mood swings like us all but when she gets down to business she's poised and confident.

While she didn't win she did get 3rd which I think is totally awesome.

In her own words "Sure, I didn't win first, but I got on that stage and most people can't say that about themselves in all of their years going to national convention. I got the privilege to be a competitor at my very first. I may have gotten third, but it definitely wasn't last, and nothing to hang my head about! Watch out National Convention, Emily Kasinger hasn't made her final mark yet!"

So Look out world.
Here's Emily and Grandpa (my dad). He's probably her biggest fan. He's lookin good and he says he's feeling pretty good for the most part.   Anyway Congratulations to my niece on a job well done.
 Speaking of FFA. Meet one of my neighbors to the west @ The Rockin K Farm. If the Mini Mansion had windows on the back side I could look out to see either cows or bulls. The past 3 weeks it's been bulls. This guy wasn't sure he liked me taking his picture. 
 I wish I could say that brownish color was fall color but it's dead color. We got so much rain in April-May- and a small time in June and then Nothing until the last couple of weeks. Many trees are struggling.  This was the first time that I've been at the Rockin K and not been worried about getting home to Lilley for a potty break and food.
I had dropped Lilley off at Pamela's so she could play with Sophie.

 I had fun watching the various stages of the sunset from different angles on the property

More of our westerly neighbors.

 Final stage of the sunset.
Prior to leaving David Sunday nite he and I put up a half wall to give a bit of privacy if you need to use the potty. We have no running water or electricity set up in the mini mansion yet but David built me rustic potty and while I was taking sunset pictures Pamela helped him build our wash basin. Pamela decided she would go behind the wall and see how it worked.  She wasn't so sure she'd be using it. LOL but it was fun photo opt. Goofy kid.
 David stayed Sunday night. This night was better than the night he stayed and the humidity was up and stayed 99 all night. He had to admit it was rather chilly Sunday night. He was ready to crawl into his sleeping bag at 9pm.  He texted me Monday morning to say the cabin is definitely not sound proof he could hear the highway noise and the cot was not made for someone who likes to sleep on their side. Oops
Well thank goodness for this cool weather because I went home to a house with no AC.
David also texted Pamela and I a picture of our finished rustic wash basin. And he set it up in the make shift bathroom.  It looks pretty cute.  Eventually it will be a really bathroom but it will do for now.

Last Friday while I was at Quilt Festival a power line across the street fell, split in half and burned up which left the neighborhood without power for a couple of hours. Best scenario is that sudden power lost helped burn up the compressor. Who knows. David called the AC company and they came out today. Never a dull moment in Homeowner Land. By 6pm tonight we had AC and the checking account was drained.  Geez.

Until next blog...The earth has music for those who listen.”  ~ George Santayana


Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Carla, congrats to Emily and glad your dad is feeling well. You have some impressive neighbors at the Rockin K..Happy Tuesday..Judy

Linda said...

I think your rustic bathroom is awesome!! Louis Dean made a similar potty for the ranch! His is the red neck version while David's is class all the way!!
Congratulations on your niece! Pretty amazing!