Sunday, November 1, 2015

Houston International Quilt Festival Fun

I have arrived!
Yesterday was one of those fun painful kinda days. LOL So much fun I ended up hurting by the end of the day. Went to the Houston International Quilt Festival at George R Brown. That place is huge. So many quilts and vendors. Oh my it's overwhelming to the senses. It's always fun to hear the first timers comments. They are in awe. I got there at 10am and left at 5pm. My feet, legs and back had had it. 

I met up with 3 of the girls that go on retreat with me. We met up at the photo opt tree then split up to do our own thing and then we met back up for lunch. We all went different directions. I stayed in the quilts and spent the whole morning there looking at all the beautiful and artsy quilts. Some I would love to aspire to and then others are like no way. They may be beautiful and intricate but I don't plan on even trying some the ones I've photoed.

In a corner of the festival you'll find the husbands corner. Normally the TV is on with football or racing but it was a little early in the morning for football or racing. 

Walking thru the quilts I ran into several folks I know. In fact one comment on my face book my friend Carla H. (yes her name is Carla also) anyway she commented that she'd see me there.  We both thought oh yeah right but sure enough we did see each other and she was able to direct me to this quilt that was amazing and the most amazing part was that it was this woman's first quilt. Would you look at this quilt. There was 2000 colors and 10,000 pieces.
FIRST QUILT!!? Are you freakin kiddin me?  
My first quilt was big square blocks. Sometimes I still revert back to basic squares.
I'm still not ready to attempt this quilt but I'm in awe of the woman who did.
Here's some pictures of the quilts I saw.

This one cracked me up!

Can you imaging coming home drunk and seeing this?  It almost made me dizzy looking at it but it was amazing,

And this quilter wasn't happy making just one big quilt... oh no she made 5 little quilts to hang on the clothes line on her big quilt. So cool.
Can't see the cloths line but its there if you close closely.
Well at the quilt festival you'll never know who or what you'll ever run into.

 Such as this gal with her hair up in curlers. LOL. 

She even posed for me. 

I didn't get her name as she moved on down the hall.

I ran into many other folks I knew and some that were just as  entertaining. 
Thanks to Donna Lynn we left the GRB to eat a yummy lunch. 
At the festival a sandwich could cost $15 or like a baked potato cost $12. Ridiculous!
 Our lunch cost was $15 with tip @Pappasitos and we had a full meal not just a sandwich.
Here's a few pictures from my adventures at the quilt show.  

And here's the girls as we head back to festival to walk some more. There was so much more for us to find and see. Maybe even touch. I'm off to see the vendors since I spent the entire morning in the quilts

Click HERE to see all the pictures I managed to snap.

So that's it for now.
Until next blog....Quilters hang out on the "seamy" side of town.

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