Tuesday, January 31, 2012

25 Random Thoughts

I really find so many interesting and inspiring blogs out there that it's amazing. Two or Three of the ones I read have been posting a list of 25 random things so I thought I'd jump on the band wagon. They're not thought provoking or life changing but they're my thoughts for the moment when I wrote them down.

  1. I could eat Mexican Food almost every day.
  2. When I was Younger I wanted to be a teacher. Hmm
  3. Plain ole' Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream is my favorite though I might add some chocolate chips or maybe pour OJ over it to make it taste like a dreamcicle
  4. Remember Popeye ~He always eats his spinach.. Well so did I as a kid until  I ate a whole can and got really sick. Won't touch the stuff now.
  5. As an adult I used to take jazz and flamenco dance classes with Rodriguez Dance Academy and performed in the annual recitals. 
  6. I continued to dance flamenco into my 9th month of pregnancy and went back to dance after my daughter was born for another 3 years.
  7. Diet Coke is my Coffee
  8. I hate most of the so called TV reality shows.
  9. I enjoy writing my blog but I made a disclaimer on one of my first blogs that I'm not a writer or an English major.
  10. And no matter many damn times I re-read an upcoming post I still manage to mis-spell or leave out a word. Of course sometimes I talk that way too. ;0/
  11.  I love to take pictures even though I'm not that good at it but I like to save the memory. 
  12. I use to get literally sick any time I had to speak in front of a large group.  Now I just tend to stutter or stumble over my words. hmm
  13. I like to surround myself with all these talented quilters, crafters and writers hoping some of their motivation and talent will rub off on me.
  14. I've been in the same book club for 15 years as of January 19th
  15. My daughter is a proud TEXAS A&M Fighting Aggie Grad class of 2010 and will graduate with her 2nd degree from Nursing School this May. So proud!
  16. I have never been out of the country unless you count St Croix in the US Virgin Islands
  17. I really want to take a road trip along the eastern coast one fall to see all the pretty fall colors
  18. My mother was traumatized by a snake while she was pregnant with me.  I have birth mark on my leg that looks like a snake bite. Old Wives tales.
  19. I wish I could speak Spanish
  20. My goal is to get more quilting/crafting/sewing projects done this year.
  21. Uncomfortable in crowds of people I don't know but I try to hide it.
  22. I dread the day (like most parents) when their kid(s) actually move out. Hell I cry every time Pam goes back to school. I'm really gonna cry when she moves out to her own place permanently.
  23. I love my new home and porch and will soon love the new patio expansion "Adult beverage on the Porch"
  24. So lucky to have a husband that can do just about anything from car repairs, household repairs, landscaping to whatever, providing for his family.
  25. 90% of the time I like being me. So I'm good for 328.5 days and the other 10% I suck. LOL
Hope you found out something interesting about me or something that made you laugh. Hope you enjoyed.

Until next blog........Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."  ~Albert Einstein~


Monkeytheboy said...

Well I could help a little with the spanish! :D

Monkeytheboy said...

Well I could help a little with the spanish! :D

Linda Chapman said...

I thought it before and I think it now - you are amazing!!

kim Scott said...

Love it! I think its greatness that you left out a word in #10. Just say you did it on purpose (:

bj said...

Hey, Carla...thanks for coming by..hope you will make a habit of it.

I accidently got on your other blog and was sorry to hear you had lost a good friend. Cancer....oh, how it sucks. It scares the very water out of me.

♫♫ red solo cup, i lift you up,
let's have a party.....
let's have a party....♪♫♪

Debbie Schweinberg said...

BJ, Love the red solo cup jingle ... my hubby constantly sings it!
Carla, LOVE the blog!!!

Hopefully I can visit your home sometime!!! It is beautiful!
Debbie in TN