Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby, Babies and more Babies

It's been some time since I've been to a Baby Shower. At least 4 years ago. I almost forgot how to act but I think there will be a few more in my near future. You see one couple didn’t have a shower but they just had their 3rd bouncing baby boy, then another couple recently announced they were expecting and the best one is our friends the Bells who are expecting quadruplets. Can you imagine? Four times everything. They are excited and dealing. They’ll do great no question in my mind. I just know I’m making sure I don’t drink out of the same water fountain as these folks. Well I guess I don’t have to worry about that now do I?  My baby factory is closed. LOL ;o)

This past Saturday I went to a baby shower for my friend Lisa K. in the country outside Bellville. The invitation read it was at the Cummins Farm. This farm wasn’t like any farm house I ever lived in and it really was in the country. It was a pleasant drive out there and I was just hoping I wouldn’t get lost once I went thru Bellville. I followed my map I got off Mapquest to Bellville and then switched to the directions on the invitation since it told me landmark to watch for All was going well until I got to the part that said look for the stone columns with wood fence and the gate will be open.  I’m driving along and ‘Oh’ there’s stone columns and another and another now what. I kinda started to panick but I re-read the directions and realized that no way were these homes where I was headed since they were right off the road and I’m suppose to turn into the driveway and go about a mile back to the house. 

So I drive a little further down the road…. Aha… stone entry, gate open and no house in sigh this must be It or at least I hope so! I turn and start driving down the heavily wooded and nicely groomed gravel road but my thought of banjo’s playing(You know Deliverance). Okay I know I’m in Texas not the back woods of

Tennessee but what can I say I’m in the woods. I have a sick mind so there I said it are you happy now?  I continue to drive (for crying out loud it’s only a mile) into the woods and come to a small

clearing with a bridge and little lake on my left and then I see a fence at the top of the incline so I must be getting close.                                                  As I top the incline I see a couple of cars to my right and a building thinking this must be the house but I no this is only a very nice barn and the house is just ahead down the hill.

How could I miss seeing this as I topped the incline? Dummy here was about to pull up to the barn. It’s like walking into a crowded room and you see someone you know and focus on them and don’t see anyone else. I saw a building and cars and that’s where my focus went. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..

Now I’m still not positive I’m at the right place since there was no physical address at the gate for me to confirm such. I proceeded to park next to some other cars already parked (that was a clue I’m probably in the right place) close to the House as another car pulled up next to me. Oh I think I recognize the girl getting out so that’s a good sign and “YES” she’s carrying a baby gift. I made it!

As we enter the Cummins Farm House the whole back wall is solid windows looking out over a pool and a big lake and lots of land.  Even the owners office/computer area had a whole wall of windows looking out over the lake and land.
I don’t think I’d get much done in there because I’d be starring out the window the whole time.

I walk into the kitchen area and more windows.

 My pictures don’t do
 the home or the views justice. Plus the fact that I realized my camera settings were off when I went in to edit.

Oh well I think you get the picture of how nice it was.

 Lisa makes such a cute Momma To Bee. She was near the front entrance to greet everyone as we came in.
She introduced me to several of the folks but I’ll be darn if I can remember names. I get so nervous when I’m in a room of folks I don’t know.
Lisa’s friends had a prepared a beautiful setting for the baby shower.
There was a fruit tray, a veggie tray,
 some blocks of cheese and crackers , selection of finger sandwiches, and spinach dip with chips.
 And of course I can’t forget the cake. It all looked so pretty and no one was eating. The hostess was getting worried but I think with help from her daughter the ladies started filling their plates.
As with any Baby shower there were the little games played. One of the games played was to name as many songs as you can with the word BABY in the title. How many can YOU name? Crap I don’t remember the titles of songs and could only come up with 3 but someone came up with 16. We won’t mention that she might have cheated a little by using her IPhone. LOL! Then we were given a sheet of paper with the Alphabet printed on it.. Next to each letter you were suppose to list something that pertained to a baby. Like B for bottle, D for diaper, S for sh…oops I’ll keep it clean. 
Another little game they played was guess about big around the Momma to Bee is. 
Then it was time for Lisa to open her gifts.

Some of the ladies were smart and had the bigger gifts shipped to Lisa’s home so she wouldn't have to wrestle them into the car to take home. 

In the pictures you can see Lisa had a cute little helper.

Now don’t fall down for those of you who know me so well I’m actually making a quilt for the baby. Of course it wasn’t ready for the shower don’t be silly, not this slow poke but I did put a couple of items in a gift bag with swatches of the fabric explaining the quilt is a work in progress and I plan on having it done before before her little bundle of joy arrives in late March.

Lisa did get some practice in holding a baby.  She's a natural.
It was a charming afternoon.

So Until the Next Blog…  Remember~~~~~A baby is a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God.  

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Linda Chapman said...

What a wonderful adventure! Was this a real 'home?'

Glad you are getting your feet wet with the baby showers!