Sunday, January 1, 2012

What were your favorite Reads for 2011?

Wow is it over? I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I know I did. Hardly got on the computer with all the last minute shopping, baking, cleaning, wrapping, cooking and then more cleaning.......... All the hustle and bustle and it's over.  More on Christmas in next blog since I haven't down loaded my pictures yet. Can you believe that 2012 is almost here?

I have tried sitting down and writing something at least 3 times so far but I keep getting pulled away for one thing or the other.  I have been reading everyone else's blog post each day and getting so many crafty, quilty, and decorating ideas and seeing so many pretty things but I haven't found time to write anything myself in the past week. 

Yesterday I was reading The Nester @ The Nesting Place who wrote about the books she's read for 2011. I warned her I might have to steal her idea and so here I am. Be sure to click on The Nester and see what books she's read or reading plus what some of her followers are reading.

I haven't done a very good job in 2011 reading or keeping up with what I've read. Normally when I finish them I list them on my GoodReads account but I have been a little busy.
I try to keep track of the books I read, want to read and currently reading on GoodReads.

But here is what I know I've read for 2011 for sure.
One Thousand White Women:Maria Dodd JournalJim Fergus
The Wednesday LettersJason F. Wright
The Immortial Life of Henriette LacksRebecca Skloot
The HelpKathryn Stockett
I'll Never Get Out of This World AliveSteve Earle
Lost in Shagri-La   Mitchell Zuckof
PontoonGarrison Keillor

I know I've read a couple of books in between the ones above but I'll be darn if I can remember the names now. Again it's hell getting old.
I just ordered the book The Nineth Wife by Amy Stolls for my book club reading. My daughter bought me a couple of books for Christmas, Carolyn Haines the Sarah Booth Delaney Mysteries  and Janet Evanovich the Stephanie Plum Series. She can always buy me for a book for a gift.

A few of my favorite books I've read over the last 4 years
Pillars of the Earth                           Ken Follett
A Thread of Grace                            Mary Doria Russell
Same Kind of Different as Me       Ron Hall, Denver Moore, Lynn Vincent
The Last Lecture                              Randy Pausch
The Traveller                                     John Twelve Hawks
       (4th Realm Triology series. It may be SCI-FI but it sounds like today. Read all 3 books now)
Rain of Gold                                       Victor Villasenor

Books on my "To Read" List
The Shack

The Hunger Game Series
The Captains Wife

Twilight series
and maybe another SciFi just not sure which one since it's not  something I tend to read.

What books have you read this year and which are your favorites?

Until next blog..............In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back….. ~Charlie Brown~


Linda Chapman said...

Louis Dean and I read The Shack out loud. THE best!!!
We are reading the Old Testament this year.
I am adrift without a book!! I even read cereal boxes if I don't have anything else!

sgw123 said...

Have you read Sarah's Key? That's probably what I'll choose for my book club pick, but I think that's a ways down the road. Best book I've read in years.

sgw123 said...

Have you read Sarah's Key? That will probably be my book club pick when my turn comes around. Best book I've read in years!

sgw123 said...

I see my other post showed up, I had to rewrite it because it seemed to disappear! Anyway, since I am at least a year out on the book club list, you might as well go ahead & get Sarah's Key and read it!