Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 - 16 days later - Happy New Year - Catching up like usual

New Years Eve we drove out to Bellville to visit friends Mark and Kathy for the afternoon. Kathy decided it was time for the Fabulous Four with their spouses get together. Can't tell you when the last time we were all
together. So she invited us to the country where they finished building they're home that they plan on retiring to.  I'm always talking about living in the country but these 2 really do live in the country. They couldn’t get electricity ran to their property so they run on a generator and solar power.

They're so far out in the country that even the bath tub is outside.

Okay not really but they did fill this old tub up with water for the deer and other animals since the creeks and ponds were drying up with the drought this past summer and fall. 

Us girls were Phi Mu Sorority Sisters and Lambda Chi Fraternity Little Sisters.
I dubbed us girls in a picture from 1978 as the Fabulous Four.
We were at the Phi Mu Formal.  

  Here we are in 1978 and here we are at the end 2011. 
Kathy, Sheryl, Gigi and Me
We haven't changed much.

Kathy Husband and Gigi Ragan

This is the country home from the side. Got busy talking and forgot to take more pictures of it. It has a porch all around the house. It's really nice.
We left the country way before so we could see our way out but being with our friends was a great way to end the year. We headed home to have gumbo that David had made the nite before and put in the crock pot to warm up New Years Eve while were gone. We planned on sitting on the porch to watch fireworks and you guested it.. we planned on having an adult beverage or two. The closer we got to home the more it sounded like a war zone. Some of the fireworks shooting up into the sky were just beautiful and it wasn't even midnight and others were just loud. This is one time I'm glad my poor little Dexter is deaf. Fireworks always drove him crazy and we had to tranquilize him.

We got an invite from a friend to come on over  and bring in the New Year with them. So off we went.

Here's to all my Family and my Friends.
Wishing you a New Year filled with Joy, Love, Fullfillment
and over flowing in Abundance.

Flowing in Abundance makes me think our friends "The Bells" who just announced they're pregnant. Okay so she's pregnant and he helped. She and the hubby are very excited. Of course the big shock was not 1 but 4 sweet heart beats. Yep They are having quadruplets. Holy abundance. We're excited for them and they're upcoming bundles of joy.

Until next blog... Don't Worry, Be Happy


Linda Chapman said...

Loved how you guys ended the year....and started the new one!!
I am thinking perhaps I will be seeing more of you, Carla, in 2012 than I did in 2011. We will be a summer resident at a local RV park this summer!!

I am excited at being the 'Grandma' to the Bell Quads!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thanks, I will subscribe to you RSS soon!