Friday, February 3, 2012

Renovation progress and Wild Life

WOW would you look at that water! We can actually see the lake without effort after the rain last week.
In July this 19 acre lake behind our house was something like 7 1/2 feet low.  It's in good shape now.

The start of the patio expansion had a slow start but now it's moving along.
Came home last Wednesday and they finished framing out the patio and got the plywood up for the roofing.

They'll move to the garage expansion after the patio is finished. Can't wait till it's finished.
Last Friday I came home to a fully shingled patio cover. Well actually they were finishing up.
The structure looks like it's always been there.

David was so excited that after supper he had me come out and sit on the patio and have an adult beverage.

I might mention that I was in a coat with a scarf around my neck and my gloves on sitting there having a drink. It was cold! But it was kinda fun.

Last Saturday the weather was gorgeous and we did find time to sit outside but no beverage this time. 

David is already talking about the landscape projects. Look out. The existing plants here are not safe and might get yanked up by the roots.

While we were outside last Saturday our local wild life caught my attention again. Yes I am enjoying the sightings of various wild life.  No it wasn't a gopher but there are plenty of mud bug mounds in our ditch and our neighbors yard where water stands for a while after any rain. Wonder if I get a line and some bacon if I could catch enough for dinner.   Yeah right.   
The really big wild life I'm talking about this time was a hawk that tends to perch in the little tree 2 doors down and just every now and then he'll perch in a tree next door. With each shot I moved a little closer. I've got to save money for another lens to get closer shots like this. 
Finally I got too close and he took off.

This week in between rain drops the guys continued to work. David got the can lights and ceiling fans set on last Sunday and the guys put in the ceiling this week. While they were at it they removed and replaced the ceiling on the porch since it had some issues and they started framing out the garage expansion!

We have decided to repurpose this space. We decided since Pam has been wanting her own space that she could move out there. She even posted a picture on Facebook stating we had her already sleeping out there. 

I was hoping they would get the roof and at least get the plywood siding up so Pam wouldn't have to sleep under a tarp to be protected from the elements. But...that didn't happen as you can see.. 
As soon as David can get a culvert placed the driveway will be extended across the ditch and she'll have front door parking to her own private area. Great idea don't you think? Now she will have to come in to the house to shower and use the bathroom for a while until we can build a bathroom built out there for her but she's tough.
 Okay so maybe we won't make her live out there but she started it. My boss suggested I hurry home today before Pamela got in and put a sleeping bag and pillow out there but Pamela pulled in right behind David and I and so did the Rain.

Anyway The Garage is David's Kingdom and you don't mess with his Garage.

Everyone have an awesome weekend and stay dry if possible.

 Until next blog..........
What does it mean when you live on a busy street and your mom tells you to play on the road? 



Linda Chapman said...

This is looking absolutely AMAZING!!! And it doesn't look like additions but as though it was designed this way from the get go!!

Your yard will look JUST as amazing! I remember your last one. Your Dave is some guy!!

I'll join out there for an adult beverage!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I can't wait to see it finished. I'm right in the middle of a basement remodel. Oh boy, lots of work. It will be worth it though.
Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. I'm your newest follower. So nice to meet you!