Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just A Little Closer... Renovation update

We now have a completed roof on the patio and
on the garage
 extension but there's plenty left to do.

Like the ceiling on the porch needs to be caulked, the porch and the patio ceilings need to be painted. 
Can't wait for the lights and the fans to be installed.

The garage extension needs
windows and a garage door.
Then the walk thoughs from the main garage to the new section needs to be cut and framed up. Whoops and they need to brick the back wall of the new extension too. Aw crap I thought of more things that need to be done. So maybe we're not so close.
Once they finish the porch, patio and the new extension they'll start tearing up the driveway so they can pour a new one along with sidewalks that this house has never had.

It's all starting to come together kinda. They came and picked up 95% of the trash that has been laying in our yard. The homeowners association will be happy to see that.
Now the weather is gonna start hampering the progress. Figures things start progressing and it's gonna start raining again. Not that we don't need it but could it just wait a week or two.
 It may take that long things to dry out so they can pour concrete again.

Saturday we went on a mission. Also equates to quality time with the hubby.

We purchased one bench from Steinhausers in Magnolia

 ... .
        ............. two rocking chairs, that for now we've placed on the patio looking out at the lake (a lake we can actually see while sitting down) just barely under the cover. I wanted the sun to hit me while sitting in them.

These things are soo comfy and it was such a beautiful day but very breezy. A cool breeze I might add but I couldn't resist sitting in one of the rockers to soak up some sun and just stare out at the lake and robins that have invaded the yards. Dexter decided to join me. He wasn't opposed to sitting in my lap to watch the birds and sneak in a nap or two.

I think the rocking helped lull him to sleep. I might have closed my eyes a little bit too.

The robins were out in full force that day. At different times the yard was so covered with robins the ground looked black. Mmmm so if the robins are here does that mean Spring is close behind?

Some of our trees have even started to bud.
These robins are fat little burgers.

After about an hour I decided It was starting to get a little too chilly just sitting round so I got up to go inside but Dexter just went and found a new place to observe the world around him.

I love this little guy. He's my little buddy.
I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day however you celebrate or don't celebrate.
Actually I wish Everyone a Happy Day and a happy rest of the week.

So that's it on the home front for now

Sew until next blog.........................Smile: if you can't lift the corners, let the middle sag." ~Unknown~


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Oh Carla,

Your home is just lovely. How exciting to have something fresh and new. Your pup is also beautiful.


Linda Chapman said...

LD and I are planning on spending a lot of time down your way in the near future! I am looking forward to sitting out there WITH you!!