Sunday, February 12, 2012

What is that? Scraps or is that actually…..

No Way you say! Yes way, after almost a year of nothing I’m actually playing with my fabric. Scary as that may be I’m actually trying to find that sewing groove again. I’ve got to get busy finishing some old projects and some new, Like baby quilts and like most of the projects they won’t get them before the babies are born but I’ll try.
Projects that are high on my to do list
³    Quilt top to be quilted for my step-Mom in Missouri. She’s been patiently waiting
³    Memory quilt for Officer Sandy who has also been patiently waiting well almost. Probably figures she’ll never get it but I do have the fabric in a project bin.

³ My Bow-Tuck bag from class taught at Quilters Crossing by my friend/co-worker Margaret. The lighter blue is the liner.

³    Baby Quilts about 7 as of last count (4 go to one Momma-2-B)
³    Pillow cases
³    David’s tool pouch for the motorcycle
³    Decorative pillows
³    Table runner
³    Lots of curtains for new house
³    Quilted postcards for various occasions
³    Oh and another quilt for Pamela from the fabric we bought in 2010 while in Carthage Missouri at Block by Block. (Pam is not waiting patiently)
³    Plus I’ve been seeing some really cool sewing, crafts and DIY’s on Pinterest that I want to try
³    And the list goes on
So here I go. Wish me luck on making a dent in this project list and trying out some new stuff.

Speaking of quilts ****The quilt guild I belong to is having it’s 2nd Quilt Show called Pieceful Moments on March 2 and 3 in Cypress Texas at the Berry Center. The first Tri County Quilt Guild  show in 2010 was a huge success and this one should be nothing less than Awesome. There will be Over 150 quilts displayed, over 20+ vendors will be there for your shopping pleasure, a Guild Boutique, a Tin Can Raffle, a Bed Turning, and spotlight quilter Libbey Lehman. 

A certified quilt appraiser will be available during the show to appraise that quilt of Aunt Petula’s you’ve hidden in the closet by prior appointment only and least I forget our beautiful raffle quilt called “Circle of Life”.
I am surround by some very very talented quilters. When I grow up I want to be just like them. Hmmm Houston we have a Problem with that statement … I’m already grown up (now I’m growing out) and I doubt with a whole lot more practice I’ll ever compare to these guys and/or gals but I’ll start practicing anyway. 

Be sure to check out the website by clicking Here and scroll down to 2012 Quilt Show on the left and click for more details.

If you want an appointment to have a quilt appraised contact yours truly and if you want raffle tickets I can help ya out with those too.
Come on out you won’t be disappointed.

This past Tuesday at Guild our guest speaker was Mickey Mowry with her trunk show "Quilts with Small Pieces.
She wasn't kidding about the small pieces. Oh My this quilter is.... I don't have the words... my mouth just fell open each time when she told us how many pieces were in each of her quilts.
To the right is a close up section of the quilt on
the left. Tiny little squares smaller than a dime.

This quilt had over 3000+  pieces.

Then she showed us her pineapple square block she started. This block isn't over 16" square and has 1800 pieces.  That's not a typo. 1  8  0  0 pieces. I'm lucky is put 10 pieces in 1 block.

Micky is truly remarkable. Her last quilt she showed us  here has 12,000 pieces in it.

I'm tired just looking at all those squares.

So on that note..............................

Until next blog……………….. God put me on this earth to sew and finish a certain number of things. I am so far behind now I will never die!


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Linda Chapman said...

You are a true artist with a NEEDLE!! May you live a long life INDEED!!