Monday, September 29, 2014

Short and Sweet

Work continues to be busy and all I seem to want to do when I come home is fix dinner and go to bed but I don't. I usually find something unproductive to do. And it generally details me  sitting in the recliner watching TV and falling asleep. No sewing no reading no nothing.  Worthless yep. Haven't even been out to listen to music.

Something exciting did happen though. Not to me but to David. Something he has been waiting for for almost a year. His 2 year term as HOA Board President was over Saturday the 20th. The first year was extremely hectic for the board but the past year had been rather trying to say the least but it's over and he can breathe a sigh of relief. No more calls at his office, more calls on his cell phone, and no more early returns from a vacation to handle various issues.  Now he can be just a regular home owner. The best and most important advice I can give a home owner is....

  1. Before making those property changes read your deed restrictions, submit those changes to the board and allow time for the Board to review and approve those changes. 
  2. Attend at least 2-3 board meetings a year. Find out what is happening in your neighbor and how the process works.
Be educated and informed. It will keep you from receiving those letters etc. And remember being a board member is a volunteer position, it's a thankless job, and that board member is after all a resident too.  

Now I'm not saying David was happy or anything but after his final duty as president running the annual meeting, calling for a vote of 2 board members and passing off his keys we went looking at a couple of properties and then we stopped for dinner.... and celebrated

with a drink or two.

We do wish the new president good luck and best wishes. We believe the neighborhood and board are in good hands. He has had plenty of experience behind him as a board president in his old neighborhood.

I have a new secret but I can't share it yet. And No I'm Not pregnant. I hope to share the secret soon.

So until Next Blog Post... You may admire my dust but please don't write in it.......

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donna said...

Hey girl your margarita's look so good. So glad your sweet hubby can relax now. I forgot to tell you there is 19 acres for sale by me.