Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giving it a break

This has been a busy week.. Fun too.
Sunday we went on our usually weekend hunt for property to hopefully build on and retire to. I forgot to mention last post a new description to us that Billy our friend in Wimberly gave us when we were up there looking for a place on Labor Day.. We were looking for this property in a subdivision. Billy told us this may not be the area we would want to live if he remembers correctly from his and his Wife Cheryl’s search a year ago. His description was “If there was ever a neighborhood to have a meth lab this would be it”  As we drive thru the area to find the house(yep this property already has a house) we passed some unsavory looking characters on the side of the road. They were beyond redneck. I’m not sure I can even describe what we saw. By the time we found the house I had already decided that this was not the area I cared to live in. They probably had still’s in them there woods too and more than one meth lab. I mean this area was more than hearing dueling banjos. I think I could smell the meth cooking. LOL  
That’s probably mean huh? Those people may have been the niciest best neighbors ever…….aaaahhh maybe.

Our 4” binder is full on properties we’ve looked at. The right one hasn’t said “Buy me and Buy Me Now”
It will eventually I’m sure. There’s at least two that are pulling strings but they haven’t won the tug of war yet.

Tuesday we went to Main Street Crossing to hear the 
Resin Valley Boys. The opening act was a guy named Kenny Allen. He was great. Funny and entertaining. He had some great songs. LOL like “She put her Whore Make Up On” or “Them Titties are fake” 
Hey I didn't give him the title. He was really good. 
His day job is the morning DJ for 105.3 Texas Music Radio Station
The base player from Resin Valley boys accompanied him along with a young man that was awesome on the electric and steel guitar. His name was Albert. I guess he normally plays for another group of which I can’t remember right now.
Got an email notification from Davin

James that his guest artist was Mike Blakely on Wednesday so we decided to go to Puffabelly’s Wednesday. 
 It was a great show. Mike is a ballard  type singer. His songs are always catchy.
So two nights in a row of music. Oh darn. LOL Can’t ever have too much music.

Yay for me got another good doctor report. I was afraid that my blood sugars and other lab work might be off since in the past few months my eating habits have been way off for multiple reasons but the doctor was happy with all the results. He says I have to lose another 10-15 pounds before he’ll take me off this damn medicine that makes my ankles swell. In fact drinking more water only makes it worse. Great.

Friday was David’s high school reunion social somewhere in Kemah and we were supposed to go but David was whipped. He didn’t come in from working in the yard and supervising the yard guys until almost 7 pm. So from our place it would be an hour and half drive there and back and David still needed a shower. He decided he’d probably be asleep while driving so he chose to pass on the social.. So we stayed home and I think he was asleep by 8:30.
David is working on the landscaping. He’s completing the back beds and then working on the front. Looking good and with just a few plants added the back looks totally different. I'll have to snap a couple of pictures to share now that they've got the flower beds built and a few plants planted and all the rock arranged.
I spent the evening in my sewing room.

I ran to College Station for the day to hang with Pamela. I was going to take the Momma but when I called her she sounded like crap. She wasn’t sure if it was a cold or sinus. Whichever we weren’t taking any chances and she stayed home and slept most of the day. It was home game day so Pamela and I hit the tent sale for some Team spirit goodies. We hit about 5 other shops in town. 

That nite was another music nite. My friends at work informed me I go out more than they do and they’re younger. LOL. This week we have gone plenty but yeah gotta do it while we can. AnywayWe went to Main Street Crossing to listen to Jesse Raub Jr. He’s a hometown boy. He and his band are awesome. He’s got a great sound. He just landed an agent out of Nashville. He’s moving on up which is great as long as he don’t forget us here in Texas. A friend and co-worker of David’s joined us. His wife Corine didn’t think she would make it this time when I was buying tickets this time since she is pregnant. And she was right. She’d had a long day and called Chris letting him know she was heading for bed around 8:30 right after putting their I think 2 year old down for the night.

Sunday morning I ran an errand then worked in the sewing room most of the afternoon.. I was busy doing some mending this time.
I haven’t progressed very far on my To Do List. Gotta get busy before the year is over. A Quilt retreat should help and I have one planned in November. Yippee.

No property looking this weekend. We may run out of properties to look at soon. Well there's plenty out there but they may not be in our price range or preferred location. So we're giving the hunting scene a break for now. Who knows what we'll do the coming week-end

Oh and let me share this little

postcard that my friend Donna VanHooser made for me. It was her way of saying Thanks for organizing another retreat. Too cute. It's hangin on my office cubical wall for all to see.

So until next Blog Post….I have never been convinced there's anything inherently wrong in having fun. ~George Plimpton~


Handywoman said...

Good luck on your retirement home! :) Sounds like you always find fun where ever you go so I'm sure you'll find one to bring more fun (as if you need it) into your life.

donna said...

Carla it is so hard to find just the right property. I remember when we were looking for ours.
Hope you are having a great week so far my dear.

Linda said...

LOVE hearing all about your good times and good life!! You and Dave are living the life Amber and Mike use to have!!!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carla you sure lead an interesting life, sounds like there is never a dull moment! Don't give up hope, the right place will come along when you least expect it..Have a wonderful first day of Fall..Judy

retrorevival.biz said...

Hahahaha! I laughed reading your post. And that redneck picture/video! Keep on looking ~ the perfect spot is out there for you:)