Friday, September 5, 2014

Home Safe and Sound. Now to Relax

All this time David has been offshore I've had an unusual hard time trying to sleep. I might fall asleep and then I'd wake up and be up until wee hours of the morning. I'd get to sleep just in time to get up and go to work the next morning. Grrr no fun. I guess with all the other stuff going on didn't help either. When I got back from Missouri David was out on the boat/rig. But alas he made it home safely on the Tuesday the 19th and low and behold I was able to sleep. So glad he's home and for now he won't be going back out again for awhile like originally told. YAY!

I almost feel guilty getting back to a normal schedule while my sisters and Dad in Missouri deal with clearing out my Step-Mom's office to prepare to sell the Abstract Business she's owned since the 70's. But I understand they found some humor while cleaning and my Little Sister posted this picture of our sister Barbara.
Saturday was my Nephew Josiah's 9th birthday and well it looks like he had a slight accident when his face met the cake. MMmmm not that his big brother Zachariah had any thing to so with it. 

That was so ornery of Zachariah.

My Dad is dealing with everything but Jerri Lynn tells me that the last couple of Thursday maintenance Chemo treatments took their toll on him. He's sleeping more and the energy level is down. Of course everything has changed in the wink of an eye for him. Now the kids have gone back to school so he doesn't have them to keep him as busy during the day. So continue to pray for my Dad that he finds the strength he needs to heal and carry on and for Us girls and all the grand kids that we too heal and find peace. We want to keep him around as long as we possibly can.
Pamela has had a busy summer of baby showers, taking care of babies at work and friends having babies, wedding showers, bachlorett parties and weddings. She was recently in her friend, old roomie and fellow nurse buddy's wedding. 
Looks like everything went smoothly, everyone was beautiful and had some fun. Pamela tells me everything went off without a hitch. I have to share some of the pictures.

Four of the 6 Bridesmaids and the Bride are all Aggies. Gig'em!
Pamela is the one next to the Bride Spenser.
Showing off those Aggie Rings.

Lots of hard work behind those rings and money.
 This is so typical of these girls. They're so cute and Beautiful all at the same time.

David and I took some time for Music. We must have our Music.
Saturday the 23rd of August we went to the Mucky Duck over in the Greenway Plaza Area. Our first time there. They pack the people in there. Once you're seated it's not likely you be able to get up and go to the restroom very easy. The waitress's were having a hard time getting to the tables. Anyway we went to see Max Stallings and Bryce Clark. Max was the headliner but we knew that Bryce was going to be playing guitar with Max and the band. Love Max's smooth voice and great songs. David's favorite song I think is "I ain't drinking along I'm on the phone with my Brother".  Bryce is another awesome guitar player. The first time we saw him was with his wife who plays the fiddle when they opened for Max's wife Heather at Main Street Crossing in Tomball. The Clarkes are a great duo. 
We hit Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring to see Davin James and his guest artist Jesse Dayton the last week of August. That Wednesday was one of the best shows ever. They really entertained everyone with their songs, stories and guitar pickin. Holy cow they rock when they play their guitars. A lot of the players these days tend to strum some chords but these two truly play. One of the times we go I need to take a video to share with y'all. Can you tell I really like these guys? 
Last weekend Pamela was home so we took her on one of our land hunting missions. This time our mission took us to Dripping Springs and Wimberly.  While in Wimberly we stopped by our friends Billy and Cheryl's. They have a weekend home up there and they rode along and helped with directions. David and Billy kept us laughing the entire time. I got to laughing so hard I couldn't breath. This was definitely the best land hunting trip we've been on. 
They recently bought the coolest chandelier for their den. None of the rooms in this house had over head lighting. Snapped a picture of Cheryl in the kitchen. 
Pamela and I stepped outside to snap a couple of pictures of ourselves. I especially wanted a couple of her with her new hair cut and highlights. It's really cute! Brittney cut off 7" of Pamela's locks. The hospital probably thought they had a new employee when she went in today. 
      And of course she wasn't gonna let me take her picture with her taking mine.

Only problem with that is I didn't get my hair cut until Tuesday Oh don't get excited I only cut 2" off mine but I did get some new color. Maybe I'll take a picture this weekend and compare it against this picture.  

That evening after my hair appointment we all went out to eat at the Taste of Texas to celebrate mine and David's 36th wedding anniversary.  We've come long way Baby. 36 years. WOW.

Can't believe it myself. There have been days when we both wondered if we'd make it to the next day but we did.
That's us with my Grandmother who I always called OtherMom. We're so young. 

Well that's it for now... So until next post... Love means nothing in tennis but it's everything in life.....


Linda said...

What a great post!!! You lead a busy life, lady! Loved all the pics and was glad to hera an update on your dad. That was so bizarre about your step mom passing away so unexpectantly. Prayers for you and yours.....

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Carla, so sorry for all the troubles going on, boy, sometimes when it rains it pours! Hope your dad will be able to handle all that has been dealt to him recently and you girls look so cute with your pretty hairdo's. Happy Anniversary..Happy Weekend..Judy

Art and Sand said...

I love the wedding photo of you. I didn't think you were old enough to have been married 36 years!

KaHolly said...

Delightful post. You've been so very busy. Enjoyed all your pictures. Your dad is in my thoughts!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Very busy life Carla. The pics are lovely. One never knows when it's our time to go. Sorry for your loss. I did lose my little sister unexpectedly in 2004.