Monday, January 28, 2013

How do you spend Quality time with your significant other

Okay let me say that when David and I are together spending quality time I don't think we ever considered the thought of spending it at the doctors office but that's exactly what we did between Christmas and Feb 1st. We spent several days going to the orthopedic in the Woodlands. I guess you can count that as quality time. Well sorta. LOL
October last year was when all the problems began to escalate. First our sciatic nerves his right and my left went crazy. Very painful and hard to walk. Then by November our knees started giving us real issues. His left and my right.  Christmas Day David could hardly walk and was in lots of pain. David doesn't like to give in to the pain and pushes on and refuses to rest. Not my guy no way no how. Christmas Day he was on the move from 8am till 6pm. He was smoking our turkey and helping me in the house to get ready for the family that was going to arrive for dinner. Now I was limping around but I was moving better than he was. We had both been complaining about our knees but neither of us had made it to the doctors. The week before I had comment that I was going to give the doctor a call that our good friend Tim had recommend for an appointment to find out what was up with my knee which I already had a good idea and I told Hubby I was making an appointment for him too whether he wanted one or not. So began the consultation, the x-rays, MRI's, result consultation and eventually surgery.

So day after Christmas David and I jumped in the car and headed out to our doctors appointment. We each got X-ray's and put back in our respective rooms. As they tell the Hubby we need to have MRI's. he asks "Can they scan her head too?"   HEY!  I heard that mister.  LOL David didn't realize I was in the room next to him. My crazy hubby asked "Can she put her right leg in and I put in my left leg for the MRI, you know a two for one". Of course they smile, shake their heads and say NO.  I guess it was worth a try.
In between all this quality time we did celebrate New Year's Eve with my Phi Mu sorority sisters Sheryl and Kathy along our hubbies.  Sheryl decided she'd host our 2 annual gathering at New Years Eve. Our Fabulous 4 this year was the Terrific Trio because Tim and Gigi had gone out of town.  We had lots of fun talking and laughing and maybe a little wine or beer was involved.   Okay you know we're getting old when we want to get home before midnight...

I've taken so long to Write this blog I'm not even sure what we did New Years Day. Probably not much. Oh we'll.

The day after New Years Day we jump in the car for more quality time for our individual MRI appointment. Yippee. We each spend an hour in the MRI machine and no they didn't change their mind and do a 2 fer 1 deal. We have to make another trip back here the next day for the results.

We spent the rest of day looking for some rustic items for the house and compare prices.
We found a new piece of artwork for our bedroom. What'cha think?
We love it. Oh wait you've never seen our room have you?  I got bold and daring and chose the color red. Sherwin Williams calls it A Dozen Red Roses. I like it. David and the painter tried to talk me out of it but liked it in the end.  I still need a way to hang the curtains properly and maybe a few more things on the wall. It'll take me a while to bring it all together but it will happen. When it's more put together I'll share a picture of the whole room.

A day after the MRI we head back to the orthopedic for the results. Well wouldn't you know the Doctor got tied up in surgery and was running late. We had to wait for over an hour. Another Doctor came to kinda go over the results but the first words we heard was......
"Who Wants to go First you both need surgery" Really both of us...this ought to be fun. David immediately volunteered me to go first. Mine was to be easy and routine, I had 2 tears in the meniscus and was told it's about a 4 week recovery. Our doctor finally showed up to explain David's options.
David had 1 tear in the meniscus, dying bone, MCL damage and his knee doesn't line up with his leg and his recovery will depend on which option of correction he goes with. None of them sound fun. Right now he's wearing something called an up loader brace until I'm back in shape. I think he'll make his decision when to have his surgery and which type this Friday when we spend more quality time. Hubby is getting the short end of the stick. His surgery will be more extensive, recovery time will be 2-4 months and his  Nurse in questionable. Being me. I'm no where near as good a nurse as he is. He's very attentive and helpful.
I had my surgery back on the 17th and once they went in they found my cartilage was all messed up so they cleaned that up, smoothed out the tears in my medial and interior meniscus and they found lots of arthritis. Awesome. I can't say it enough that I had an awesome Nurse helping me recover at home! Nope not the daughter the RN but The Hubby!  I'm not so sure I'm that good but I will do my best to make him comfy as possible during his recovery whenever they schedule it..  So David could go to work one day my Mom came down to stay with me. I wasn't much company because I'd take a pain pill and go to sleep. I think maybe I look a little loopy in this picture. One of my co-worker's Samara came to see me one day and brought me the prettiest plant. The brain isn't/wasn't functioning or I would have taken a picture of it while it was still blooming. It had a daffodil, Hyacinth, iris and a tulip all different colors. I think I talked to her but I might have dozed a couple of times during her visit. Thanks Samara for visiting and the plant.

I spent 2 1/2 days at home prior to surgery with a sinus infection. The doctor had given me a prescription for a cough medicine with hydrocodine and all I did was sleep. I'm still taking it at night and taking Allegra. I can't seem to kick it but I'm feeling okay.

The knee is doing pretty good. It's tired by the time I get home in the evenings and just minor stabs of pain. I can put full weight on it but I can't bend my knee much without pain but that will pass.
We go in this Friday for my post-surgery check up and get my stitches out plus determine what David is going to do and when.

Before I had my surgery I got to have a music fix of Jesse Dayton and Davin James @ Puffabelly's.

A little beer bottle guitar playing by Jesse.
Picture quality is off. I took with my iPhone and I haven't quite got the technique down yet.
 In between songs they'd share a story or two.

Always have good food and a good time when at Puffabelly's listening to these two guys!

Have I bored you yet?  Probably, so I'll close on that note.♫ ♫ ♫

Until next Blog post..... My mind is like lighting, one brilliant flash, then its gone… :o(



Diane said...

Does Nurse David wear a sexy nurse uniform? Will you??!!
Take it easy...

Handywoman said...

I hope you recover soon and I hope your husbands surgery gives him a speedy recovery.... these quality times your spending..may not be ideal but at least you have each other to lean on.

Jeanette said...

I had way too much quality time with my husband last year - from the end of July to the end of Sept he was in the hospital for about 4 weeks!!!! Then he didn't go back to work until the end of October. All I can say, is this getting old stuff ain't for sissies!!!! Hope you both recover fully and my vote if for David to wear a sexy fireman's uniform!!

Gina Gao said...

I hope that you recover soon!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

So sorry for all the not-neat-doc-news. But happy that your part is over with. Now, you have the recovery part. Good luck with that!

Best of luck to your hubby...


donna said...

Hope ya'll both recover soon. Sounds like you have a great time together.
I am so glad you stop by my blog. We do have great school colors.