Monday, February 11, 2013

Live Music

Okay as empty nestors David and I have been doing more things and one of them is going to more live music venues.

Photo from Website
We've been to various places but for now we frequent

Puffabelly's (click on the name for their history) in Old Town Spring where one of our favorite Texas musicians Davin James hosts a special guest every Wednesday night. We hope to see Davin and his full band some this year maybe at the White Elephant in Ft Worth. Who Knows. Puffabelly's opened in 1995 in the old train depot and a week later it burned to the ground. Puffabelly's had a replica train depot built and reopened. It has that rustic feel and gives you an up close personal connection with the musicians. Puffabelly's has a wide selection of food and appetizers that are all very tasty and of course there's adult beverages should you care to partake. Warning the jalapeno burger is not for sissy's but they're really good. LOL.

Closer to home we hit Main Street Crossing (click on the name for more info) a small intimate venue in Tomball that hosts a wide range of country artist, new upcoming artist and a few pop.
They have a small menu of salads, burgers and pizza and a couple of appetizers. Oh and my new fav is their Pesto Chicken Salad sandwich that was recommended by our waiter Jacob. Thanks Jacob. Ladies you might want to consider sharing this one because even I couldn't finish the whole sandwich by myself. And of course they have beer, like 30 different kinds and a wide selection of wines.

So you ask Why am I talking up these places? Are they paying me? I wish but nope. The hubby and I just love going there to enjoy the atmosphere, the food and the music. And speaking of music...

This past Wednesday we hit Main Street Crossing with our friends the Harpers to listen to Max Stalling and his secret weapon....his beautiful and talented wife Heather at Main Street Crossing in Tomball. 

We've seen Max and his band @ Cypress Saloon but we love to see Max at this venue up close and personal. He has lots of great songs. I can't pick just one as a fav. And guess what he's an Aggie. LOL  Each time we've seen him he's brought his lovely wife Heather who plays a mean fiddle. I don't remember any fiddle sounding like that when I was in band back in the day. She gets that bow moving and it becomes a blur. The first hour or so is live on Texas Radio FM105.3 and by 10pm it's just them and us. 
Heather belongs to a band called the Blacktop Gypsy. Her band is made up of 3 guys and 3 gals. We haven't caught the whole band but we did get to see Heather and 2 others, Andie-Kay Joyner lead singer and Steven Cooper on guitar at MSC. One day we'll get to catch the whole band at some venue.

Max told the guys that he brought some CD's and Koozies which would make great Valentine's gifts. What better gift a Max Stalling gift and/or CD for the gal in their life. So guess what I got.... a Max Stalling koozie for an early Valentine. Yep nothing but the best for me. LOL. Just kidding I actually like me new koozie. We already had all the CD's he had with him so far.
Photos I snapped while listening to Max and Heathe.

Great night with great friends, great food and great music by the Stalling Family.
These two put on a great show. Go check them out sometime.
Here's My Valentine's present being put to use on the patio at sunset the next evening

So until next blog.... Keep singing.•´´¯`•.¸¸.•.♫•¯`•.¸¸.•.♪♫•*
I like the sound of a Mexican bass run      I like the feel that it puts in my bones     Sometimes I wonder how I ever got here      I'm just trying to get home..•.♪♫•*.. ~ Max Stalling ~






donna said...

Carla I did not know we live so close. We are not that far from Olde Town Spring. Sounds like y'all are having fun.

Jeanette said...

Sounds like so much fun! We used to live right down the street from Old Town Spring. One of these days we will have to try and make it over there again!

Diane said...

Haven't been to Main Street Crossing in years...maybe I need to make an effort!